Added: 2018-05-03 05:57:32
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  • 2018-05-03 06:28:29

    This pic is so great. I like it very much. Thank you for the pic, EdJim.

  • 2018-06-30 07:00:47

    Here's the dialogue for this one folks...

    Yukinari: (inside of his home) "Kirie! W-what are you doing?" (as he was getting grabbed by the shirt by Kirie)

    Kirie: "What does it look like, dumbass? I know you were doing something perverted with Miharu, and I'm going to send your face to hell!" *clutches one hand in a fist and about to punch Yukinari real hard in the face. But suddenly, she stops as she senses the presence of her parents by hearing them*.

    Kirie's : " What the heck is going on here?! My, you have been quite a bad girl, Kirie!”

    Kirie: (as she sees her parents who came from behind) "Mom. Dad. Where in the name of hell did you two get here?" Kirie’s : “I’m sure this will be a lively story. I can’t wait.”

    Kirie's : "We were just coming for a visit when we saw you about to hit your friend. How dare you do such a thing. Now you march yourself right home. You got a lot of explaining to do, young lady."

    Kirie: (freaks out as she let go of Yukinari from her own grip and standing straight in front of her parents) Y-yes, ma'am...


    (After Kirie and her parents marched straight to her home, they're in the living room where Kirie sitting in the coach ashamedly in front of her parent, who giving her a lecture regarding her relationship with her their next door neighbor. )

    Kirie's : "I heard you've done some terrible things in the past. And now you were going to beat up your friend, Yukinari, all because you thought he did something 'perverted' to a girl? Answer me, this. Why do you always bully him like this? Has he done those things intentionally?"

    Kirie: "But you don't understand, mom. Yukinari is a shameless little pervert. He peaked on me when I used the bathroom, pulled my skirt down in school, keeps dirty magazines under his bed and whenever he's with Miharu, he tries to have his way with her. I hate perverts, and that's why Yukinari deserved to be beaten' up! " (this is where Kirie tries to talk back)

    Kirie's : “Kirie!”

    Kirie: “Yes, Mom?”

    Kirie’s : “You aren't nearly as friendly as that Miharu girl to your friend. I don’t like you talking back to me, young lady. We all know Yukinari happened to be a sweet, gentle, kindhearted, and innocent boy. Even if he is clumsy, that's still no excuse to your next-door neighbor like that. All those things had occurred accidentally. None of these incidents are his fault to begin with. You have no idea that Yukinari is trying to help Miharu getting ready for school as well as trying to help her get in the bath when she asked him to. Yet, here you are jump into conclusion, beat him up to the pulp for no good reas, treat him like he’s sort of a Peeping Tom. As for Kazuharu Fukuyama, I find you beat him up justified because he deserves it due to his own perversion, which is the good thing. Your little friend, Yukinari, on the other hand, have no perverted intentions. He hadn't done anything to deserve these beatings. Your cruelty towards Yukinari has really offended us. Seriously, we're disappointed in you. Therefore, you will be ed with a thousand spankings."

    Kirie: "W-what? A thousand, mom?! A-are you serious?"

    Kirie's : "That's right! As serious as this spanking! Give me your bottom, Kirie!" (Kirie reluctantly bend over on the floor, she starts screaming as her starts to spank her)

    Kirie's : "And after your spankings, Kirie, we’ll have to ground you for a whole week so you'll have more time to reflect upon your actions!"

    Kirie: (continues to scream as she's getting spanked by her mom) "I'm sorry, and ! I beg your forgiveness!"

    Kirie's : "Not yet. Not until you’ve had a thousand spankings."

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