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Saki from cool devices: Seek barefoot in black leather bondage harness, wrist and ankle cuffs, nipple and clit piercings embarrassingly awaiting her master in an extremely submissive and erotic position that shows off her bare feet. wrist and ankle cuffs chained together. feet fully visible

SenyorPretty created this artwork
minerjack69 suggested the idea
Saki from cool devices: Seek barefoot in black leather bondage harness, wrist and ankle cuffs, nipple and clit piercings embarrassingly awaiting her master in an extremely submissive and erotic position that shows off her bare feet. wrist and ankle cuffs chained together. feet fully visible
Uploaded: 2018-05-02 23:38:46
Discussion: (3 comments)
  • 2018-05-02 23:41:47

    thanks a bunch love the way you draw

  • 2018-05-02 23:43:35

    really happy to hear it! thanks aswell for being patient with me

  • 2018-05-03 00:29:05

    Is good

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Saki from cool devices: Seek barefoot in black leather bondage harness, wrist and ankle cuffs, nipple and clit piercings embarrassingly awaiting her master in an extremely submissive and erotic position that shows off her bare feet. wrist and ankle cuffs chained together. feet fully visible
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One more Tenchi x Ayeka. They should be having sex doggy style on Ayeka's futon in Ayeka's and Sasami's room. Ayeka should have her face down and ass up. Tenchi should be in the clothing pictured with pants pulled down. Ayeka should be in the gown pictured, but her lower gown should be hiked up to her belly. Tenchi should be pounding away and both of them should be looking strained, but aroused, and blushing with heavy breathing. It should look as if they are trying not to make sound but are getting too aroused and ahead of themselves. Sasami should be in the futon next to them pretending that she is asleep. She should be laying on her side facing the wall(her back to them) all red and blushing, embarrassed at what is occurring. She should have her hair up as pictured below, and her futon blanket should be covering her whole body. Only her head should be poking out. [img id="a12c5e327c0848b2c68b5d16bbb944eb"] [img id="19ff6e87c383b45058123024b5c9271a"] [img id="100dae5ea538433a6036d6f57f801764"] [img id="64b66c93a0c2cbe246dfd941329797bb"] [img id="a93adb98d4f8bedeea52f869c0fd34bf"] [img id="0d7802e387565a35a0fbfc247bcd5292"] [img id="41bd329d3624d7f83eea93ad2d3fd56c"] [img id="281b3bc81735f2188a06ebc21c05bf4a"] [img id="0c32f6b41897e4800db9c25c82259571"] [img id="07472599d5738d3be72421dff8f37424"] [img id="8f30e9efe2006c1aa96c52a3f54b14be"]
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One more Tenchi x Ryoko. They should be having sex nude in the position in my crappy drawing (Ryoko on all fours and Tenchi on knee with one leg up)hiding behind the foliage in the floating onsen. Tenchi should be looking strained with cliched teeth. Ryoko should be covering her mouth with one hand, struggling not to make a sound, and have eyes half closed in euphoria. The backs of Ayeka and Sasami should be able to be seen in the distance(I have labeled the characters in the attached pictures). It is OK for them to be out of focus because they are in the distance. Ayeka and Sasami should just be sitting in the onsen relaxing, both of them wrapped in the pink towel as shown in the pictures. I could not find a back shot of Sasami but she just has the two buns with the ribbon ties as pictured in the Ryoko x Sasami pic. [img id="ad6c7b392f84c252865b05a46404ee25"] [img id="393a21185aa2049e0031983eeea3bc12"] [img id="116647e2cfaf1eccde015c5b2ef5b35c"] [img id="f717323989284e0bf9246ef79a1b07ec"] [img id="fead311c76beb8a2de38c4c426b6c91b"] [img id="276c3c0eb27afa2f79d7f8c6e07158cc"] [img id="012bf809dbd8998bbf03147581ebf602"] [img id="e5c0a03b8b74c0068fe5344c49c61810"] [img id="9430f681a662eb2ff6c7582915647e15"] [img id="08c2a2c77ca730e83ea088c178e237f9"]
Title : pay back for my kaiju Akane ( top full dress+glasses, bottomless, evil smile, pulling Rikka hair with one hand and slapping her butt very hard with the other hand) doing Rikka( full dress, her tiny skirt flip up fully showing her butt, a lot of fluid leaking out of her pussy, her face is red as she try to hide her moans, tear in her eyes, her black pantes is around her ankle) from behind with a strap-on like reference image in a very rough way. please adjust the camera angle /position so there point of contact and there faces are shown. [img id="38a227ba2edbcd3c40fd8241a1adac12"] [img id="f8f35eeb7f9c52ea6d9ae469956bc5c0"] [img id="3ec8b10d6460fe5f1d1685dacca10aa0"] [img id="40b952d7dd786fd98ec43a747635d2d0"] [img id="d7aaa10f4fdda6fd8775c9ac01a3c665"] [img id="9d22248d6ebc8eebaeff882150008bcf"] [img id="44b7a7c1bfe06c78901f072b111b5b61"] [img id="f2c621b441a5230cff5029f1c4ecdc9f"]
Rikka and Yuta 3 panels - upper panel : Rikka taking the tip of Yuta dick in her mouth, he is putting his hand on her face, they are making eyes contact like this Image Rikka is fully dressed in her swimsuit, one hand on his dick the other hand playing with her boobs, her pussy fluid are leaking through the middle of her pantes Image Yuta standing wearing his swim short and his hand band his dick is very erect, he is making a face like this Image - middle panel : Yuta (wearing nothing but his hand band ) sitting on top of Rikaa using both of her boobs to jerk off his dick, he is making a cuming face, Rikaa laying on ground her top part is missed up, thick cum over her face hair and in her mouth, she is happy Image Image - lower panel : Rikka riding Yuta in reverse cowgirl like this Image both fully nude ( aside from Yuta hand band), both in pleasure, he is coming inside her and lots of cum leaking out from her pussy background for all panels is next to river in mountain like this Image if anything is not clear, or you need more reference feel free to contact me anytime ^^ and yeah if you could use the same unique eye colors style from the anime that would be awesome . thanks ! [img id="f8f35eeb7f9c52ea6d9ae469956bc5c0"] [img id="81a24701b6b221648b62fe0eba9d891b"] [img id="40b952d7dd786fd98ec43a747635d2d0"] [img id="f13a79a648f8b1ab30bf9fd649017e81"] [img id="710e651b61ce60efa7d8fa13c1e20b1d"] [img id="5aca6f78bbe0a84162409b8a32ccce2b"] [img id="09c9b50fad788b88c213ea70539de817"] [img id="107f1199d05d306ce9722f46dc5345ab"] [img id="b92e73bfa3c71534dc654720caef1f76"] [img id="dfd6a0f6e1447d352cbfe82855f7a2ba"] [img id="337ce0fcc4f1183fb9095e232b3b28d8"] [img id="97ccced02722a4679330f73c56da67dc"] [img id="c8b9ee0b30abe74b9d758eb081948092"] [img id="d783a5aaa5e6e5cfc8b08c8ff514e4cf"] [img id="2244d5e7a88eb230a90364604d90f51f"] [img id="59c39887cfa3b83b9f31f09ce4092f28"] [img id="0f84f3104c171c71df08c87bbeea6b30"] [img id="d0fbbc5d2d8f5d4087749baf7a7cad8e"] [img id="985514f0ad4f47d63db351d7781aa5ec"] [img id="39d0129bf2a8d27eb9b21640a94ce4e3"] [img id="cde9d93ce31db91160d1491fa90a6bbe"] [img id="759dac1416afddd42e390710c4d59e95"] [img id="edd31bd645fb3c150ae19125cc933a1c"] [img id="474e3dba5e9b86e5cca5e1575c897635"]