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Erza Scarlet sucking a random guy like this -> Image . The guy cums inside her mouth and cum overflows from her mouth. She wears her running clothes -> External -> but without the glasses. Her panties are ripped like in reference pic for a good view of her pussy and ass. Her boobs are also exposed.
erza x swan from the fairy tail movie: dragon cry.
Wendys first time at the glory hole Erza is taking wendy to show her the ropes at a glory hole. They are both in school girl uniforms, partially undressed. Both have very short skirts. Both have their boobs exposed. One of them is getting fucked in the pussy and the other is sucking the cock off. Cock color is up to artist, just make them massive. Cum can be leaking out of them, but cum is up to artist. Add some naughty dialouge too
Ok, kinda lied about Basara as I had an urge for Erza. So Erza (Hair down) Pose and scenario similar to this External but with her already having being cummed over on hair, face, chest.