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New World Nami and Nico Robin (chest and above) press and hold their tits togeather and are covered in cum, naughty expressions (lick lips, lick cum off chest whilst stare at viewer)
Lucy (FT) is trying out the escort business. She's invited to a fuck party but she's anxious so she's bringing her friend Nami (OP). < Panel 1 > Lucy is wearing this dress and heels : Image . Nami is wearing this dress in black : Image and these glass heels sandals : Image . Nami and Lucy at a party sitting on sofa behind a glass coffee table. a guy is sitting next to Nami and she leans over him to touch his golden watch on his opposite wrist with one hand, and her other hand is leaning on his hard cock. Lucy is sitting between two guys, one of them is gropping her side boob and the other guy is caressing the inside of her thight. < Panel 2 > Lucy and Nami are on the glass coffee table, sharing a double-ended dildo in ass2ass position like this : Image ; Image . They both wear only one shoe, Nami is holding a wad of green banknotes between her teeth, and holding her hair like this : Image . Lucy is sucking on some balls, dick resting on her face. Please also add some random guys around them, jerking off and cumming on them at your convenience.