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Madara x Sakura
I do have a maximum of 91 votes to spend: External So please make some viable offers, I don't mind you taking all of them xP Madara and Sakura from Naruto are enjoying eachother in cowgirl position. Sakura is riding Madara, while he is groping her small chest (Sakura with small boobs please). Sakura is throwing her head back in pleasure, while she's squirting and Madara is cumming inside of her. You can name it "Pleasing the God".
Haruno Sakura x Dark Naruto
Haruno Sakura x Dark Naruto version of Inusen666's "Icy Punishment"
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Sarada  Boruto  Sakura
Anime: Naruto Character: Sarada, Boruto, Sakura. Location: bedroom of Sarada. Action: Sakura arrives in Sarada room because she heard Sarada shouted. She finds Sarada and Boruto lying on the bed Sarada has swollen belly as full of sperm. The sperm flowing lot of pussy and ass Sarada. Boruto has a huge penis. It is still erect. Sakura is next to the bed, she removed her panties all watching the penis Boruto, in attention also enjoy the penis Boruto(External ) in the attention to also enjoy the penis Boruto. Clothing: Sarada and Boruto are naked. Sakura wearing a nightgown (External ). Facial expression: Sarada and Boruto sleep. Sakura is so happy that we see stars in her eyes.
Sakura  Hinata  Ino  Tenten
- Anime: Dragon Ball; Fairy Tail; Naruto; One Piece; No Nanatsu Taizai - Characters: Android 18 (External ); Flare Corona (External ); Diane: same size as the other characters (External ); Rebecca (External ); Boruto (Image ) - Clothing: All the characters are naked. - Location: On the beach - Action: All the characters participate in a beach volleyball game. The team Flare Corona and Android 18, against the team Diane and Rebecca, and the referee is Boruto (same position as in this example, but you can see all the volleyball and Boruto is standing near the net:External ). It is so hot that all the worlds is completely naked and sweaty. Boruto watching girls play at the same time, he masturbates the penis. - Thank you