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Temari (Boruto) wearing a sexy monokini having her ass fucked by Darui (Boruto).

HinataHime created this artwork
Mac suggested the idea
Temari (Boruto) wearing a sexy monokini having her ass fucked by Darui (Boruto).
Uploaded: 2018-02-10 04:30:31
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- Anime: naruto - Characters: Tsunade; Sakura; Hinata; Karui; Ino; Temari; Tenten; Sarada; Chouchou; Himawari; Naruto (female version) - Clothes: All the characters are naked - Location: private club room - Action: Naruto does not understand why all girls are pregnant (Sakura, Hinata, Karui, Ino, Temari, Tenten, Sarada, Chouchou, Himawari). Naruto decides to follow them, and arrives in front of the private club reserved for the girls,of Tsunade. Naruto uses his technique to become a woman and goes inside the Tsunade club. He sees all the girls in an orgy lesbian (position at the choice of the artist) and Tsunade standing looking at the orgy. Naruto sees Tsunade at a huge penis and understands better why girls are all pregnant. But Naruto does not have time to leave, Tsunade catches it and takes it violently in the pussy and ends up ejaculating in Naruto (which is still in woman version). - Thank you
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Ball play: tsunade and Sakura both share a cock, one works the shaft the other sucks the balls, tsunade appears as she does in chap700, Sakura from the LAST