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 Yuri threesome 2
Dimaria Yesta (Image ) with strap-on dildo fucks Erza doggy style while Erza is eating Brandish's (Image ) pussy. A second panel with a pov image of Brandish squirting on Erza's face
Drunk Erza Blowbang
Drunk but very horny Erza from OVA4 in a blowbang #2 External , Im interested in a little artist rivalry to add spice ;)
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commission for thequeenzelda A Threesome including Erza, Wahl Icht and Neinhardt - like discussed
Surprise part 2
Surprise part 2 -> Now lets see who surprised our Er-Chan. Characters Erza Scarlet, Minerva Orland, Sting Eucliff. Erza in her outfit of Surprise part 1 ( Surprise ) Minerva and Sting in these outfits -> Image / Image ). 2 scenes -> 1.) Minerva stands behind Erza grabs her boobs and they tongue kiss each other, while Sting knees in front of Erza, licks her tummy and grabs her ass. 2.) Position like this -> Image -> Erza is complete naked and has her thong shoved inside her pussy. Change the position of Sting a bit, so he can lick Erza's sole + he cums inside her. Minerva and Sting still wear their outfits -> Minerva just pushed her dress up and let her boobs pop out of her dress and she wears no shoes. Minerva should have a kinda amused expression. Background still Erza's room and its still kinda messy -> bras, socks, slips all over the place.
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Erza x Ajeel 3 scenes like discussed
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Dimaria Yesta x Erza Scarlet Singlerius JH
Erza Scarlet The Sword Masturbate
Erza Scarlet with her legs spread using something like the grip or sheath of a sword to masturbate her ass with one hand while fingering herself to orgasm with the other. Erza in this outfit (leave the thigh highs on) Image
Wet Pussies scissoring each other
Cana Alberona and Erza Scarlet scissoring each other similar to this: Image -> Erza on the right side / Cana on the left. Have Erza a bit of public hair in shape of an "E" and Cana's in shape of a "C" / give them pierced nipples. Their pussys should be nicely wet. Give Cana tan lines.