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A PinUp of Wendy Marvel  Fairy Tail
A PinUp of Wendy Marvel ( Fairy Tail ) Position similiar like this : Image She wears her ninja outfit of the Dragon Cry film: Image -> sry but their isn't really a better picture out there till now :-( -> so you can give it of course some of your own touch No shoes and no panties. Her skirt lifted a bit up so we get a good view of her ass and pussy which is really nice wet. Give her blue colored nails.
Cat Wendy Marvell
Wendy Marvell dressed like this External she is showing of her tits and pussy.
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Erza scarlet pinup
Erza scarlet pinup Pose; Image Outfit; Image Image (include white gloves that come up to her elbow and the heels attached to the leggings are higher) Final details; have her tits exposed and her arms will be under her boobs supporting them.
A PinUp of Erza Scarlet in her new Dragon Cry outfit
A PinUp of Erza Scarlet in her new Dragon Cry outfit. Image Image Position something like this: Image -> only her tits exposed and give her nipple piercings. Please give her red colored nails and make the picture with a fitting size for wallpaper.
Erza on the beach
Erza Scarlet in this outfit and this hair style -> External -> without her boots and her feet naked. Her boobs are exposed and she has pierced nipples. Give her white colored nails. In this position -> Image -> let her lick her lips. Please with fitting size for wallpaper.
Erza and Lucy
Hello, So, I'd like to get a hypnosis theme commission with Lucy in this outfit : External and with Erza in this outfit : External External No shoes for both of them. They are lying on a bed, next to each oher, something like this : Image They are looking at the viewer, with a seductive smile : Image They both wear a ring glowing with a pink aura, and they have this kind of eyes : a pink heart in the center of the pupil, starting point of a spiral : External