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Sakura Haruno (Adult), Hinata Hyuga (Adult), and Kushina all wearing sexy lingerie.
Tenten and Naruto, from The Last movie, are wearing their workout outfits from Shippuuden Ending 15 ( External ). Tenten is fucking Naruto reverse cowgirl in a sitting/kneeling position ( External ) with a rip in the crotch of her shorts so Naruto's cock can fuck her pussy. Her pink and black tops are pulled up to show her lovely breasts (How about making her breasts good average size instead of nearly flat). Naruto is only wearing his shirt. The only thing to change from the pose reference is show Tenten's eyes half-closed, like she is enjoying the pleasure she is receiving, and to change the point-of-view so we can see both characters better. Background is a dojo to match Ending 15. They're doing it on the wooden floor or mat. Her bo staff is seen on the floor as well as Naruto's shorts. Artist is free to change the pose as long as the original sitting/kneeling positions for both characters stand (Ex: change angle of Tenten's head or move her hands, etc.).
Characters: Temari, Naruto, Lee (Shippuden) Setting: In front of Hokage building Panel 1: Close up of Temari's bra and tits while she undresses Panel 2: Close up of Temari's ass and she pulls her panties tighter with her index fingers Panel 3: A headshot of Temari with a dominant look on her face saying "Are you two just gonna stand there or are you gonna fuck me up?!" Panel 4: Naruto and Lee giving a thumbs up to each other with nosebleeds. Only chest up.
While on vacation from her duties as Queen of the Underworld, Mandy is getting fucked and dominated by an evil dimensional counterpart of Naruto Uzumaki, and she fucking loves it. ________________________________________________________________________________ Naruto is fucking Mandy hard in a rough doggystyle, while roughly groping the Bitch Queen's breasts from behind. ________________________________________________________________________________ Mandy is fully naked and looks like how she does in the "Grim Tales from Down Below" comics, she is also sporting a flushed ahegao face due to her having a secret fetish about being dominated (Though none of the men that she was with prior to Naruto had the balls to do it). ________________________________________________________________________________ Naruto is also fully naked and pretty much looks the same only he has red slit-pupil eyes (Like Kurama), black sclera (like Yami Naruto) and pronounced whisker-marks. Naruto is also sporting an evil pleasure-filled smirk.