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Fairy Tail Blowjobs
4 panel pic Fairy Pov's The panels will be like External All these girls in the corresponding panel External For the 1st panel. Make it similar but have the view zoomed out more, so we can see Kagura and Erza's full body. Kagura on left, Erza on the right but don't have Erza pulling on the dick with her teeth, just licking it. Have their tits hanging out The 2nd panel. Millianna on her knees, she is looking up at male. The 3rd panel. Juvia sucking dick with her tits out. She is in same position, but her arm's are not tied above her head, her hands are on her legs. Male has his hand on her head. She isn't crying either. The 4th panel will be Creatroy's idea
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lucy heartfillia getting fucked by futa milliana
lucy heartfillia getting fucked by futa milliana in this position External lucy with a surprised expression, milliana happy. plz include full body for both characters.
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Millanna thight asshole
Millanna from Fairytail wearing this without the robe: External with the panties pulled to the side being fucked in the ass by a huge cock in this position: External with the double peace sign like in the pic and a similar ahegao but with a slight smile and tears and makeup flowing down her face and cum going everywhere.