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  • 2017-08-17 23:31:56

    The person who posted this commission and I staged the whole process and planned it weeks in advance. To show all the people her my skill and that I deserve more recognition here then I get. Also it's only a partial upload here. Since us artists aren't allowed by the Admins to self promote ourselves here I'll just say everyone knows where the full version will be and for those that don't can message me and I'll send a link. In wrestling terms we'll call this a shoot/work.

  • 2017-08-17 23:55:34

    Class work!

  • 2017-08-18 01:03:48

    i don't see anything wrong regarding recognition since you're still winning commissions. you have a really great style x)b

  • 2017-08-18 01:33:30

    #SenyorPretty Recognition being I get far less thumbs and comments up than the other bigger names here. And I mostly only win bids from one person over and over. Haha. I don't win from other people. And a few people have left me for other artists here.

  • 2017-08-18 01:43:51

    If you're getting "far less thumbs and comments" you should know the reason ^^ Of course your art is good, but the other bigger names here are godlike specially EdJim and Lexus.

  • 2017-08-18 02:03:59

    Totally agree with the stranger ^

  • 2017-08-18 02:19:06

    if its any consolation. you're winning comments now x))))))

  • 2017-08-18 02:32:29


  • 2017-08-18 21:36:34

    Oh you're totally right. I can't compare to Edjim or Lexus because, well, I actually draw my backgrounds and have my own style. Instead of the Pixxx site mentality of using stock backgrounds and looking almost the same as everyone else. #Takasugi #Shirontai

  • 2017-08-18 23:22:50

    I believe that Studio Oppai's work does deserve more recognition,as it's very well done and he's just as good as the "godlike" artists.

  • 2017-08-19 00:19:15

    You should value the people who want your work, if people are not asking for it, it is maybe because your style is not the liking of others, it is not about who is better or worse, and if you really want recognition, the best way is Improving your art, you should compare your work with sakimichan sayori happoubi jin hews linda artgem udon-ya, for me that are "god like" artists

  • 2017-08-19 01:16:07

    Maybe you'd get more out of this site if you weren't such a big weiner about it, you don't make it big by bitching about other being succesful. I can tell a picture is made by ed-jim or Lexus at a glance, don't try to pretend you're the only one with his own style. As for your own background... gratz? Hentai isn't exactly the best genre if you want to impress people with background. Swan has exactly the same face in all three panels and the way you draw lips just isn't appealing to me, maybe stop blaming other and work on yourself?

  • 2017-08-19 01:23:50

    Where can i find the full version?

  • 2017-08-19 05:31:53

    Totally agree with Malice ^^ EdJim and Lexus have their own and amazing style and they aren't ego about it... It's actually hard not to be mean to you but I'm gonna be honest... Your ego is bigger than your talent c: If you're aiming to be recognized and closer to your fans you might wanna get sime humility and focus on improving your art rather than bitching and pretending you're a top tier artist :)

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