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Bael altarus from sexy beach 3 barefoot in pink microbikini.

EdJim created this artwork
minerjack69 suggested the idea
Bael altarus from sexy beach 3 barefoot in pink microbikini.
Uploaded: 2017-06-30 13:00:28
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idea. Bael altarus from sexy beach 3 found out about her lovers secret foot and bondage fetish and wants to surprise him when he gets home she is barefoot bound and gagged in bedroom. Cloths: red ball gag, black leather wrist and ankle restraints, Black body harness, Naples rings and black leather collar. She is laying on a bed eagerly awaiting her lovers return. On the bed is a whip feathers lotions and oil cards and dice and a can of whipped cream. She has learned about her lovers secret foot fetish and love for bondage and wishes to surprise him when he gets home. Feet and pussy visible. Pussy shaved.
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Bael wearing the uniform described on other comissions. She is passed out asleep on a mattress in the sex dungeon exhausted from being raped. She is chained to the dungeon as to not be able to escape. She has cum running out of her pussy and covering her feet .
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