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Chifuyu Orimura was invited to be a guest teacher at boys school for teaching an IS system. She was excited to be able to teach in the boys school for the first time, but instead of teaching the lesson, she is forced to teach something else.... The picture will be 3 panels The located is "school". About her appearance, 1. Chifuyu will wear her normal cloth(External ) with a few adjustment. She will wear glasses and had her hair fold like this (Image ) 2. For her underwear, She will wear this bra(External ) and this pantyhose(Image ) under her skirt. ---1st panel----- She will be in this position(External ) with her hand agaist desk(not bed like the ref). Her upper-half is pull down similar to the reference. She will look at the anon with anger (like her normally expression lol) ---2nd panel----- This position(External ). She will look up at anon with ahegao expression. She will only wear her bra(but show her boobs, as it's was pulled), and pantyhose. ---3rd panel----- This position(External ). She will lay down on the desk with thick cum over her like the ref. She will only wear pantyhose and it was torned.
This is the Sports Girls Collab for Kojack! Added you 100 votes per girl below and the girl, costume, and pose below! Anything lower will be counted as a tip to the artist! So to start this off: Kyoka Jiro from BnHA (External ) wearing this volleyball outfit (Image ) in this pose (Image ) with the guy cumming into her mouth.
Title: "Learn Your Place, IS!" Plot: Moka Akashiya (the Inner Moka) from Rosario+Vampire series give the IS girls such as Houki Shinonono, Cecilia Alcott, Lingyin "Rin" Huang, Charlotte Dunois, Laura Bodewig, Tatenashi Sarashiki, and Kanzashi Sarashiki from IS: Infinite Stratos series a well-placed kick as she sent them flying into the distance (somewhat similar to TRiO such as Jessie, James, and Meowth of Team Rocket from Pokémon whenever they're blasting off again ). Then they crash landed on the floor. And when the smoke clears, Houki and all the other IS girls looking knocked-out with swirly eyes on their faces (Please be sure that part is in the picture, it's very important). In other words, Inner Moka put the girls in Ichika's harem in their place, which means that Inner Moka kick their asses. Note: This will be a non-hentai request. Which means, no hentai materials, and no nudity. This is more like an action type of request.
1st panel (Kenichi the mightiest disciple) Miu Furinji is standing up against a wall with her back against the wall. Her hands chained above her head. Shigure is licking Miu neck, one hand groping miu's breast, and the other hand is fingering her. Miu is looking up and mouth gritted(like she is trying to suppress a moan. 2nd panel (Trinity 7) Lilith Asami is lying down on a teacher's desk. Levi kazama is tribbing her using a dildo. Lilith is gripping the sides of the desk moaning while Levi is lacking some cum off her fingers while looking smug at Lilith. Lilith needs to be wearing her glasses.