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Other half for Hyuga Pact idea/poll

EdJim created this artwork
perverserknight suggested the idea
Other half for Hyuga Pact idea/poll
Uploaded: 2016-10-27 23:38:09
Discussion: (12 comments)
  • 2016-10-27 23:43:35

    great x2!!

  • 2016-10-28 00:12:34

    Love it.

  • 2016-10-28 01:07:22

    That is beautiful!

  • 2016-10-28 01:43:22

    Mind blown once again! Those ahegaos are beautfully drawn Edjim. Thank you so much for doing this cum version too it's freaking amazing. Also i fogot to mention you have drawn hinatas hairstyle perfectly as well in each position of both versions very impressive & beyond stunning art edjim. Thank you again edjim & to everyone who suppoted my Hyuga Pact idea as well !

  • 2016-10-28 03:06:06

    omg this is just amazing

  • 2016-10-28 05:56:45

    Love it :)

  • 2016-10-28 06:04:22


  • 2016-10-28 06:42:17

    i like it

  • 2016-10-28 16:23:43


  • 2016-10-30 05:03:38

    Love the standing flip an her thick legs

  • 2016-10-31 08:34:48

    very nice !

  • 2017-11-08 20:50:53

    Nice work!

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