Discussion: (15 comments)
  • 2016-10-07 22:41:30

    yeeesss!!! Erzaaaa!!!

  • 2016-10-07 22:54:18

    fucking love that outfit!

  • 2016-10-07 23:06:22

    Well if you boys fancy chipping in 50 a time at the comissions, perhaps we can get a good set in motion of leather erza vs Jiemma

  • 2016-10-07 23:08:29

    count me in

  • 2016-10-07 23:09:16

    Gimme 10 mins ;)

  • 2016-10-07 23:20:05

    Done. Any contributions head to commissions.

  • 2016-10-07 23:46:30

    Amazing but I'm sure you changed something, may be changed program to draw? The finition seems less detailed, I wait a confirmation, but I still liked and favorited cause I love your artworks ;)

  • 2016-10-08 00:02:55

    oh yes amasing awesome !

  • 2016-10-08 02:05:52

    So fucking hot...

  • 2016-10-08 05:41:40

    Nice one. Just one thing, her mouth does not look very well, kinda not finished? I saw this on your latest upload with Nami and Robin too. Of course it's just my opinion and the pic itself is great. Maybe you can check this little detail.

  • 2016-10-08 06:16:40

    Your work as always beautiful!

  • 2016-10-08 15:41:04

    continue like this !

  • 2016-10-09 05:27:12

    Amazing job

  • 2016-10-12 11:22:16

    Yes! I love this outfit for Erza

  • 2017-12-15 00:33:05

    Very nice!

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