Added: 2016-08-27 15:53:22
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Discussion: (10 comments)
  • 2016-08-27 16:02:16

    This is gorgeous! Thank you, Edjim! High School DxD needed some more attention these days...

  • 2016-08-27 16:15:00

    your DxD pics are awesome even though im not much for yuri! ^^

  • 2016-08-27 16:18:38

    This is soooo goooood. Koneko is soo hot. EdJim is the best! We need more DxD pics!

  • 2016-08-27 17:53:57

    Koneko-Chan !!

  • 2016-08-27 19:05:14


  • 2016-08-27 21:02:37

    Koneko!! the best **** Catgirl!

  • 2016-08-28 01:19:00

    This is beautiful! I love your art style, EdJim! Also, I love the ideas from Spike, you always do such great pictures with his ideas.

  • 2016-08-28 05:53:45

    Edjim, you High School DxD pics (and all other pics for that matter) are incredible!!!!!!!

  • 2016-08-28 07:17:54

    Woo! More rias!!!

  • 2016-08-31 19:35:09

    Well, I always knew that there was some other rea***s for Rias to have Koneko in her peerage. She just had to wait for her to be a bit older. And it looks like Kuroka had a bit of a hand in it as well, never seen Koneko that lustful before.

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