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Kyon from the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya tied to a chair and blindfolded with a cockring on and mikuru in a maid outfit straddling him
Added: 2019-03-08 00:57:58
Joey wheeler from yugioh wrists tied to a chair and blindfolded, naked with a cockring on, and mai valentine sitting on his lap straddling him, in her underwear with high heels on, don't make joey really muscular and don't make his cock too big. [img id="51df7d447d60fcefc2ad0c08b8d9ad82"] [img id="d619233418e9be3eb372b212b1caad68"]
Added: 2019-03-05 03:23:07
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Link handcuffed by metallic cuffs to the floor in an x position, naked blindfolded and wearing a cockring with scars allover him, samus with her whip is raising her right foot, both her feet are in high heels, she's raising her foot in the air about to crush link's cock, link's cock should be about average sized not too huge, also with the heels on samus will be 205cm tall link will only be 170cm. [img id="bc16814895ad36cca3cfaf1fc3da3ca8"] [img id="697bcd166557478551699d5f910fdc58"]
Added: 2019-03-02 23:30:46