2 panel comic. Haruhi Suzumiya with futa Mikuru and Nagato (no balls). panel 1 Haruhi ridding Mikuru in cowgirl Nagato standing next to Haruhi getting a blow job while reading book with one hand trying to hide her blushing other hand is on Haruhi's head. Haruhi is rubbing her clit with one hand and fingering Nagato with the other. Panel 2 Haruhi on her knees with Nagato and Mikuru on either side of her jerking them both off as they cum all over her. Haruhi is looking up a Nagato happy expression tongue out to catch cum. Nagato has ahegao expression eyes closed standing on tip-toes as she cums. Mikuru is tweaking one of her nipples and biting down on her index finger knuckle.
Added: 2016-10-24 23:16:20
Kyon from the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya tied to a chair and blindfolded with a cockring on and mikuru in a maid outfit straddling him
Added: 2019-03-08 00:57:58
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bleach Yoruichi in this position Image but she has a sexy dominant expression like her eyes are going to eat you that sort of look. She is still grabbing the same boob as in the ref picture just make it so can see the nipple.
Sekirei: Based on a chapter from Phen0m20's fanfic, "A Veil of Passion". After meeting Minato for the first time, Uzume's Ashikabi, Chiho demands that Uzume make babies with Minato. Complying with her chibi-faced demand, Minato and Uzume have sex in her room at Mai Izumo in this position: Tigrevurmud_Vorn_Sofya_Obertas with Minato sucking Uzume's milk-swollen breasts, while Uzume holds his head to her breast with one hand, and her other hand is holding his against her pregnant belly. Uzume is giving Minato a loving smile. Both are nude and blushing. If you can, to give it a touch of comedy, have Miya's hannya mask be watching them, with it's usual malicious aura surrounding it.
Title: "Sekirei: Triple Love 2." Characters: Uzume, Chiho Hidaka, and Minato Sahashi. Location: Minato's bedroom inside of Mai Izumo. Reference for Uzume's seductive look on her face: External Plot: After Uzume and Chiho satisfied each other while Minato have a nice rest, they decide to make love towards Minato in the threesome way due to their liking to him. As far as teasing and flirting with him concerned. Especially on Uzume's side with the flirting. Chiho riding Minato in the cowgirl position in front of him while Uzume seducing him from behind as she uses her left hand to touch Minato's chest and uses her other hand to touch his face. Make sure Minato's face looked sweet and innocent just like he is in canon. Be sure Uzume have a seductive look on her face. Be sure Chiho have a shy look on her face to prove her innocence. All three characters are completely naked. No undies, no socks, no stockings, no lingeres, none of them. Minato blushes while Chiho and Uzume blushes a little bit less than he does. However, they enjoying it and loving it. Especially with Uzume.
Kyon from the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya tied to a chair and blindfolded with a cockring on and mikuru in a maid outfit straddling him
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