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Title: "Girls Bravo :Bravo Ever After" (video) Characters: Yukinari Sasaki and Miharu Sena Kanaka Location: Yukinari's Bedroom inside of his house. Second Scene: "The Undressing". (After the kiss, Miharu looks at Yukinari with a blush on her face. She proceeds to undressing Yukinari completely first. Then, Miharu asks Yukinari to undress her completely too, which he agrees to do so, which he does while he's blushing also. With that, both characters are completely naked. In the end of the scene, they look at each other in such pleasant way.)
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    Title: "Girls Bravo: Bravo Ever After" Plot: After all the crazy adventures, Yukinari Sasaki and Miharu Sena Kanana living happily ever after on earth. This takes place after the final chapter of the series. Thus, making Miharu beyond happy that she gets to be with Yukinari Sasaki, the boy she loves and married to. While Kirie, Koyomi, and Tomoka went out shopping, it’s a perfect opportunity for Miharu to make love to her recent and wedded husband in Yukinari. Since they’re alone in his house, those two makes love to one another as having a passionate sex. Both characters must be fully naked in all of the sex scenes. Be sure that Yukinari’s face must be revealed in most of the sex scenes (so viewers will know it’s really him). They start with a kiss. Then Miharu and Yukinari undressing each other (completely). Miharu playfully push Yukinari down into his bed with a hug. Then she begins with the Prowling Tigress. Next, Miharu and Yukinari seduces each other to make each other feel good. Next, they do the 69 position with Miharu on top of Yukinari to make his penis become hard once more while having Yukinari to lick her vagina to become wetter. With his penis grew hard enough, and her vagina become wet enough, Yukinari and Miharu happily looking at each other as they’re begin the intercourse. First, they do the cowgirl sex position. Next, they do the lotus position. Then they proceed the doggystyle. Next thing they like to do is to do the scissor position. They do the first part of the missionary sex position. Finally, they do the second part of the missionary position as Miharu hugging/squeezing Yukinari like on stomach on stomach due to their strong love for each other, and then cum inside. After that, Yukinari and Miharu hold each other’s hands, and then warm each other with a hug and kiss. Thus, they become happy and falling asleep. After that, the others such as Kirie Kojima, Koyomi Hare Nanaka, and Tomo aka Tomoka Lana Jude enters Yukinari’s house as they’ve came back from their shopping trip with the bags they are holding. Along with them, Maharu Sena Kanaka, who also came by. Next, they enter Yukinari’s room to check up on Yukinari and Miharu. They are seeing the two sleeps peacefully. Kirie uncovers the bed. What they saw is that both Yukinari and Miharu slept naked together. All of them are shocked. Maharu, however, looked so happy as she smiles that her little sister’s able to do it with her own husband in Yukinari like she is getting giddy about the matters of love such as the two make love with one another after marriage. Like if she’s impressed. Tomo who also smiles mischievously as a young married couple to accomplish it. Kirie is about to give Yukinari a beating, but both Koyomi and Maharu stops her from doing so by restraining as each one of them holding one of Kirie’s arms. Tomo and Maharu reminding Kirie that Yukinari and Miharu are married now. Thus, making Kirie realizes that it happened and then she calms down. The next thing is that Koyomi, Tomo, Maharu, and Kirie delightfully leaves the bedroom to leave the newlyweds alone in bed. Kirie want to take one last look at Yukinari sleeping with his recent, and wedded wife such as Miharu. She couldn’t help but smile for her childhood friend as she feels happy for him that the boy she knew for a long time found happiness. With that, Kirie quietly closes the door. The viewers seeing Yukinari and Miharu sleeps peacefully with happiness. The End. It will be an animated video. Main Characters: Yukinari Sasaki and Miharu Sena Kanaka. Main Location: Yukinari's Bedroom inside of his house. First Scene: "The Kissing". (After Kirie, Tomoka, and Koyomi left for shopping, Yukinari and Miharu realize that they're all alone in his house. This is Miharu's perfect chance to make love to Yukinari. They're go to Yukinari's bedroom. And then start with a kiss.)
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      Any animation involving Lisanna Strauss from Fairy Tail getting pounded (doggy, missionary, gangbang, etc.). Feel free to put any sort of spin on it you like. The addition of any other girls would be a plus but is really up to you.
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