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Vaylin External Image pegs lana Image Image from behind and bites her ear while both women are giving a footjob similar to this Image Some References for he tattoos Image External Image
2 panels *in both panels Juliet wearing nothing but Romio white shirt, which is too big for her Image Image Image Image Image *Romio wearing white shirt and black pants *background: Romio room and bed Image Image Image Image *Please keep in mind that Juliet is way shorter, almost half of Romio height 1st panels is a zoom in pic of Juliet with an embarrassed face like this Image taking the tip of Romio huge dick in her mouth, Romio laying on his back. like this Image Image 2nd panels is cowgirl and kiss like this Image his very erect dick is cumming inside her and cum leaking out of her pussy, her face is red, both enjoy it Image Image if any of the reference is not working/ not clear, or if you need more references let me know ^^ thanks [img id="fd63facc2dc20e5d38a298d1f6b532fe"] [img id="50f189496ef321e1c317d4e6d92b45fb"] [img id="70189a33a6120ed998346155b953f5e4"] [img id="ea07cf28d2bbb57adb70748f81649ec1"] [img id="eb7b86fdcff20693140cb63eb9428d18"] [img id="68dcc9ca900945a07f040f5745dc5bda"] [img id="32d1d71b918c16663b0b1c798c0f426c"]
5 panels of Micaiah from Fire Emblem (in this case her Heroes iteration) with a futa blonde OC (can be seen here confession ) P1: Micaiah getting summoned, OC glomping her P2: OC kissing her shyly and groping her chest and butt, Micaiah a bit embarrassed P3: OC blushing and holding Micaiah's head gently as she gives a blowjob, OC embarrassed P4: OC mating pressing Micaiah, gripping her breasts hard, pounding and climaxing a lot inside her, continuing to pound afterwards, OC very happy and Micaiah in a lot of pleasure P5: Micaiah riding gently on top of each other as they hold hands, both smiling and having sex gently Each panel after the first put a support rank, so panel 2 would be C, 3 B, 4 A and 5 S
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Haru Glory x Elie, Julia, Belnika, Celia, Cattleya, Reina and Nagisa
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