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Title: Phasma's Demotion A pic with Captain Phasma from Star Wars. She's wearing her typical helmet and armor but broken in places to expose her breasts and pussy. Her hands are tied behind her back and she's made to kneel so her head is at cock-level. Someone's written the word "CUMBUCKET" on her helmet as an additional layer of humiliation. Two anons have shoved their cocks up into her helmet from below and are rubbing them between her face and the insides of the helmet. There are lots of trails of sperm pouring down from under the helmet and onto her chest and body to show that they're not the first guys who've done this. Please feel free to make the sperm as gooey and slimy as possible.
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Vaylin External Image pegs lana Image Image from behind and bites her ear while both women are giving a footjob similar to this Image Some References for he tattoos Image External Image
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