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purple heart nep (External ) 3 panels, (POV) panels are up to artist. so is clothing and poses. Would love to see lots of boob. Sex has to be vaginal. The cock she is fucking also has to be large in length. Girth doesnt have to be thick, just be proportionate length. clothing can be different in each panel. Can be her body suit like in the reference. I think another interesting would to see her in school girl uniform. These are suggestions and dont have to be used.
Dengekiko from Hyperdimension Neptunia ( reference: Image ). I'd like to see her in a selfie pose similar to this: Image . But, I'd like to see her chest sized embellished to be a bit larger. Preferably something like a nice heavy pair of D-cups stretching the tight black material of her top and really showing them off. A fun or flirty expression of some sort would be preferred as well.
from tales of vesperia , Yuri Lowell and Flynn Scifo doing Estellise mid air double penetration like this fate-stay-night Yuri carrying Estellise in position like the Image, there are tongue kissing, both in extreme pleasure. she is closing her legs around him. Flynn standing behind g her breasts by his hand while penetrating her anus, he enjoy it as well. cum leaking out of here anus and pussy breast can be shown or covered up to you [img id="07c1c22fe4c3832af5d372c328cec772"] [img id="54b2da7574be41abaeb988e690703a6e"] [img id="dfe73123d551a195b976eb5c12fa9f42"] [img id="ba06d10f07bdbf00e7b7434b00a82cce"] [img id="cb68db43bafeced6793916aecbc2215b"] [img id="02c4975027fd1e3b5823b1f278a204a2"] [img id="6e2c63b43775a7906500c3620d676456"] [img id="cfcc983a74806ca05cf03681a6d762be"] [img id="ea429ac243ca5d0845d275dc4c04b5a6"]
Bra Enjoying the Ride Part 3 (though she isn't just ridding anymore...) Bra is pushed up against the wall and is kissing the guy passionately as they fuck, the guy is holding her leg up. Bra is wearing her the school uniform linked at the bottom. The dress shirt and jacket untucked from the skirt and open showing her breasts. The guy is the same from the other 2 pics, only this time we get to see his face. I haven't thought of how the buy really looks, only that he has black hair. The rest is up to the artist. Bra's Hair- Image Bra's Uniform- External
Featuring OCs from Hentai Heroes: Lenaëlle (Hentai Heroes), Levitya (Hentai Heroes), Katharina (Hentai Heroes) Lenaëlle (girl with red-ish hair) got double-teamed by futanari babes: Levitya (the one with wings, as she is based on Morrigan Aensland from Darkstalkers) who is on the right; and Katharina (in red/black lingerie) who's on the left. Big cocks and and make all the girls visible (on reference the left girl is hidden behind a shade). [img id="1faf3db8813a8560ae9b931b27367201"] [img id="b24f26b735fa0b225368276824d192ba"] [img id="80a15b3fed637b6fc5785cf75b33d485"] [img id="ca5fb5b68b74b26f0a42a01d04612dd7"] [img id="ac0d92419d1fcce8830ef681338608b1"] [img id="46eb64f1c232b77a0749e367638700c8"] [img id="8e9a157e5b8a1112cb94073761ab424b"]
title : "Ristelle" Rita and Estellise having sex in same position as reference image ( of course colored and without the censorship ) rita to the right. Rita is shorter, thinner and have smaller breast, keep both girls breast size like the ones in "position reference image" Both of them are enjoying it, there faces are a little bit red, and have little bit of sweat on there body, and there pussy are very wet and dripping and yeah keep the camera effect [img id="d643eefe11ef360c8c242bb9baa40bad"] [img id="ca70e480a6ba8458c7c06d6da283cb02"] [img id="c9a5fc7c32aa1f2d430e209f571a9d31"] [img id="ea429ac243ca5d0845d275dc4c04b5a6"] [img id="cfcc983a74806ca05cf03681a6d762be"] [img id="02c4975027fd1e3b5823b1f278a204a2"] [img id="0e33ca36251eb62b7eea51f5003c7fa9"]
from trails of cold steel 2 , Rean and Alisa having sex in doggystyle and kissing, like in reference image Rean is g her breast with one hand and his other arm on her hip, he is cumming inside her with a lot of thick cum leaking and forming a small pool of cum on the bed Alisa breast are around B size or so, NOT very huge like in (position reference image ). both enjoy it, they can be kissing normally or with tongues, artist choice . they can be fully nude or have some of there clothes still on, artist choice . feel free to contact me if anything is not clear ^_^..... and please don't set a deadline that you can't follow ! [img id="a4146707ee215422e655e1e39044a209"] [img id="b71890251dc38fa2957dc6747d26e5d8"] [img id="44f9f233a9be1f506f8e3b11160a7ecd"] [img id="6dcd738bf139669af9607acc5eb7b1cd"] [img id="79214e15f336c87376b4c6a65e76c14f"] [img id="4d834ff23efeaf81fe2f486e25caf377"] [img id="1cf01926f1925dd168d8d797127ad8ac"] [img id="d217309a19c715a1cc05159fbe40e847"]
From: Kishuku Gakkou No Juliet Hasuki komai licking Juliet Persia pussy. Hasuki is spreading the other girl pussy by both of her hands and licking it, exactly like reference image. Juliet clothes are missed up, her blue panties are round her left thigh, her bra is lifted up showing her breast. her face is red and she is embarrassed, she is grapping the bed sheet hard with both of her hands, her pussy is hairless, light pink in color and she is very wet, leaking her fluid over her butt hole and into the bed. Hasuki is a little bit taller and her breasts are slightly bigger than Juliet . feel free to contact me if anything is not clear..... and please don't set a deadline that you can't adhere to! [img id="e35694d9dca8a471836efebf4da95edc"] [img id="b9a8e85dfd69d010c1870765b9f6db54"] [img id="9ed705789a670507aa1677a86d1bfc7c"] [img id="2ecdfa93f56a2a29093b7e10ab33f368"] [img id="1ccaaf1fbc0522343db7b7ba14767f8b"] [img id="7d78739dfcdbda20950aaf6a08f0bcfd"] [img id="34bba740e359c27e24d1d4e5c2a3af34"] [img id="f1a4c69e5ba742f028d17a60da29c9a1"] [img id="847ae57811910370a73a88e78bfc6b59"] [img id="5d808ec875fa98ec77b17ffbd999f333"] [img id="a5c1eac8379b97c5bdd4434f949cc386"] [img id="b7a27a9c0c6d71272eac5121de639621"] [img id="83f1f91a2357b09ef34cc7bf3f52a9e4"] [img id="33c4c94e261683503e2886df62148756"] [img id="9fde062d189f0ed61a27cd3ad4271996"]
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