An Accountant's Many Responsibilities: Marielle (Log Horizon) is sitting at her own desk, while Henrietta (Log Horizon) sits underneath, licking and fingering Marielle's pussy. Marielle is leaning back in her chair with her breasts exposed with an extremely satisfied look on her face. Henrietta has her skirt pulled up revealing her panties. Both girls are blushing, busty, curvy, and Marielle is cumming. Marielle is wearing (Image ) and Henrietta is wearing (External ).
Added: 2015-08-26 20:34:19
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[Commission for JH] - Naoto Shirogane (Pera 4) licking Marie’s (Pera 4 Golden) vagina [like this Image except have Marie grabbing the bed sheets and moaning like this [External ]. Naoto is completely naked and Marie is wearing only her hat, gloves, shirt (completely unbuttoned to expose her tits), and socks (make her socks legwarmers instead though so her feet can be exposed and give her blue toe-nail polish).
Commission for JH. Panel 1: I-no [Guilty Gear] licking A.B.A’s [Guilty Gear] neck while fingering her (External ). Have I-no dressed like this (External without her hat) and A.B.A dressed like this (External ). Also have A.B.A cumming and make her facial expression like this (External ). Panel 2: A.B.A and I-no in a 69 position (I-no on top with her facial expression like this [External ] while A.B.A licks her vagina). Both are completely naked.
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