General rules are here: ?id=2237 Here is the description of the picture, that you need to make: In the game, you will take the role of Eros - the Greek God of Love. You will have your harem of nymphs that are responsible for the different aspects of sex or some more general concepts. you will explore your sexuality, first - in Greece, but then you will start traveling through different dimensions to find how you can implement other setting-specific stuff into your games. The scene you are going to draw is the scene when you find a Dryad in the woods and have sex with her doggy-style. Dryad in our case is the classic fox-girl. Here is the chibi version of her. We use this chibi versions in UI and during the actual gameplay, so chibi version and picture version must be consistent in key aspects There are the 3d “sketches” of the final picture as well. Such sketches could be provided to all pictures in the future. You can draw on top of this picture to save you time thinking about anatomy. The sketches are of various angles to pick the one you like. In this picture, Eros (the representation of you) should fuсk the Dryad in the pussy while also fucking her in the asshole with the magic dildo that he can move telekinetically. At the moment of the shot, the penis should be moving out of the vagina, barely touching her, covered in liquids. Dryade looks aggressive but in a passionate way. She has big claws and scratches the leg of Eros. Eros must hold Dryad on her hair and tail. [img id="3e57690afbd83184f5f6a2409a524c98"] [img id="377ca4fae105d949d3aa2f363fcc2c9b"] [img id="8022b6756cc1e9e609e81aa8f7ac684e"] [img id="f3eba9d2ffd166a1df8d0037510cc0ec"] [img id="999dd064d1ac3a245a50523235c69178"] [img id="c5a823964a1b3ce16493452776babfe0"]
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Kazuma doing Yunyun in doggystyle from behind while slapping her butt with one hand, he has a pervert expression on his face as he is cumming inside her. Yunyun is wearing her outfit ( incloding hair accessory and socks), her boobs are out throw the opining in her dress, her skirt is flipped up fully showing her private area, on her butt three is very clear red hand print, thick cum is poring out of her pussy on the bed, she has embarrassed expression as in the reference pic. a pink striped pantes is thrown on the bed. please keep in mind that Yunyun is around 20 cm shorter. [img id="ba568f18f779914f5dbb31b0bdb09347"] [img id="6661baa689bf4ac237b8893ab8a0f624"] [img id="04571fe691f17ed5b7ad1f6cc492642e"] [img id="f4fa3c2888978515381ac2929ad7ad8b"] [img id="5a96693fd10f1c47de172ed2cd738273"]
Ok, so here's how I want this scene to play out. In the first panel I want an anon guy to fondle Ibuki's breasts in the shower while Ibuki slowly teases the guy by playing with his penis from behind. The first picture should give you a good reference. In the second panel Ibuki gets banged from behind while she moans in pleasure. The anon guy is grabbing her sides and goes at it roughly until he cums inside her. Please use the second picture for reference. Also, Ibuki's facial expression should match the second picture as well as the first. [img id="5a0882a83d55e9e4822613cef4754fe0"] [img id="661ea5e75d8cdbc0ab75cc3e5abe520e"]
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