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Ballet android

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Serie: Grand Blue Characters: Chisa Kotegawa, Nanaka Kotegawa (images 1-2-3) Title: Kotegawa's sisters Détails: Chisa and Nanaka are in the same position as that of the image 4. They're naked and they have no same body (image 3). If possible, I shall like a scenery inspired by the image 5. They're on a boat. Chisa and Nanaka could take the pose on the left or right bunk. I can do 73 EV. Sorry, It's all I have left. Thanks [img id="bf9a1ce20ad2843630f5580482ef8d40"] [img id="d98bfa2284552889ba2f45b0f897a889"] [img id="aeba2adf608afbdec2a4137327c2667d"] [img id="e5dba47be908024054636088982bbe07"] [img id="7813203f0dddf02a353e9b065cb791f2"]
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Looking for someone who can make an anime drawing from a picture of two real women. I’ll send privately after you message price. I want both in a room with a mirror so as I can see at least one nipple each, ass, and vagina from both.
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