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During the next few weeks our friends from Hentai Heroes will add commissions for our artists. Those commissions will feature the girls who appear within the game. Let's watch those girls get naughty by the hands of our great artists!

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3 panels, from Trailes of cold steel 2, there is this one sceen where Alisa is sitting on Rean lap inside Valimar’s cockpit ( Rean robot ), I want you to use same background and atmosphere here. panel no1 position Image there are looking at one other here, the can be nude or dressed up to you panel no2 position Image there eyes are open, he is cumming inside her pussy and cum is leaking out of her wet pussy panel no3 position is anal Image there eyes are open, he is holding her legs up, he is cumming inside her anus , her pussy very wet and cum is poring out of both her anus and pussy in all panels both characters enjoys it and in love, there faces are a little bit red feel free to contact me if anything is not clear ^_^ [img id="6dcd738bf139669af9607acc5eb7b1cd"] [img id="a4146707ee215422e655e1e39044a209"] [img id="b71890251dc38fa2957dc6747d26e5d8"] [img id="a5f57bf15e5214229d5ecfd316e8b432"] [img id="79214e15f336c87376b4c6a65e76c14f"] [img id="1cf01926f1925dd168d8d797127ad8ac"] [img id="8db4982c9ab646e4078ecd86d4c1686f"] [img id="3d180e21c6f4418d22e3ac25e333acea"] [img id="d5fc360f80641ed5ace7301d3eac92f7"] [img id="b0f838187731ec7c7350d17365243948"]
Added: 2019-06-18 13:42:13
Naruto (1st pic) with Nene Fujinoki (Image ) and Chiharu Shinonome (External ) in a position like this one (External ). Naruto is sucking both Nene's nipples (like this External ) and drooling a lot while fingering her pussy; he has a huge veiny penis (Image ) and makes a horny face (Image ). Chiharu is giving him a titjob while kissing his penis. Both girls are drowning in pleasure. Minimal clothing and background. Title: Bigger than Hinata's: perfect combo [img id="9e0881f26f539b1717d0f6d9adbfb0bd"]
Added: 2019-06-18 01:23:40
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Cana x Yoruichi x Saber. All Characters can be Lesbian or Futa (or ttf/tff), which every has to be for all 4 panels. 3 panels each character has to be fucked by the other 2. First panel is an introduction panel like pic 1, if there is a futa make it the centre character. Last panel has to be cumming and yoruichi must be last character to get fucked. Please make a bit hardcore. All pose and reaction for panels is your call. [img id="019e725bf7c7298f7dbb3414ee19d1b9"]
Added: 2019-06-17 21:56:42
Misako from taboo charming hentai showing off her bare feet wearing a small revealing breathless babydoll and crotchless thong. She is shaved and wearing a pearl necklace an earrings a wedding ring and is shaved
Added: 2019-06-17 18:05:18

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Matsumoto from Dissipline Zero naked barefoot and shaved showing off her barefeet
Added: 2019-06-17 17:57:08
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Featuring OCs from Hentai Heroes: Miss Spook (Hentai Heroes) and Bonny (Hentai Heroes) Miss Spook (the brunette who's originally based on Faye Valentine, from Cowboy Bebop) receives a full-nel, while Bonny (who's a gender-bent parody of Zoro from One Piece - with the green hair) licks out clitoris of Miss Spook dry. [img id="8e3cd57f63509d1b4c0a800b23bdd724"] [img id="115f60b70b0eac310563f9bfc4a60c8e"] [img id="13088ef6c2d2dd82b625d11219353e52"] [img id="943ef100f027d15aed9779da0edfc4ba"] [img id="5118fe5b8a2c906217fce3063cf08903"]
Added: 2019-06-17 17:35:48
Featuring OCs from Hentai Heroes: Stephanie (Hentai Heroes), Nuladva (Hentai Heroes), Alex (Hentai Heroes) Redhead threesome! Stephanie (her reference made to Mira-Jane in the anime Fairy Tail) and Nuladva (parody of Zero Two from the anime DARLING in the FRANXX) are scissoring on the couch. Stephanie (long hair) on the left, Nuladva (with horns) on the right. Meanwhile, Alex (the muscle girl) bends over the girls and tries to grope (or gropes) their titties with her palms. [img id="350bd6e1316fd92e3f24c3475d31713d"] [img id="625456cd35130e442be6e08884eeb8e9"] [img id="b05411d9d663d59d93719526aabc8716"] [img id="c987c5dbde92def99438ec1c74ca5bb7"] [img id="a8e8625434acd5d3164d38f4f2d4965b"] [img id="6004451badc0110b22fb72a01b8ff3a8"] [img id="edeaef9f848d620a00afc73891bc18d5"]
Added: 2019-06-17 13:48:59
from trails of cold steel 2 , Rean and Alisa having sex in doggystyle and kissing, like in reference image Rean is g her breast with one hand and his other arm on her hip, he is cumming inside her with a lot of thick cum leaking and forming a small pool of cum on the bed Alisa breast are around B size or so, NOT very huge like in (position reference image ). both enjoy it, they can be kissing normally or with tongues, artist choice . they can be fully nude or have some of there clothes still on, artist choice . feel free to contact me if anything is not clear ^_^..... and please don't set a deadline that you can't follow ! [img id="a4146707ee215422e655e1e39044a209"] [img id="b71890251dc38fa2957dc6747d26e5d8"] [img id="44f9f233a9be1f506f8e3b11160a7ecd"] [img id="6dcd738bf139669af9607acc5eb7b1cd"] [img id="79214e15f336c87376b4c6a65e76c14f"] [img id="4d834ff23efeaf81fe2f486e25caf377"] [img id="1cf01926f1925dd168d8d797127ad8ac"] [img id="d217309a19c715a1cc05159fbe40e847"]
Added: 2019-06-17 06:39:36
Featuring OCs from Hentai Heroes: Kyoto (Hentai Heroes) and Liu-Yeng (Hentai Heroes) Kyoto (thr readhead) scissors with Liu-Yeng (brunette) in the pose on a referenced picure. Kyoto wears the gloves and pantyhose from her latex suit, and she's like the active "scissorer" (she fucks Liu-Yeng), while the other girl is a "receiver". Liu-Yeng's dress is torn so it barely hides some parts of her body. Liu-Yeng enjoys scissoring a lot. [img id="936f0bceb952882d856a716983cd0500"] [img id="32e3ef8378d87294cd1ae8a8906fa6a6"] [img id="5b94ec7daba709be8cc360a23609abe2"] [img id="ca87b978e4f296632dccc7b5cee6953e"] [img id="e16a9d1f1fa1747a8a09f7cb4302160b"]
Added: 2019-06-16 05:08:52
Added: 2019-06-16 03:53:17
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do some Alice Zuberg Details i will message it to you
Added: 2019-06-15 21:32:17
Discussion: (2 comments )
3 panels comic like. Sakura (full futa) x illya. Note sakura is only futa by full futa it is also balls. 1. Pic 1 first scene. Expect cum is already on illya's face. 2. Pic 2 reaction and pose. Costumes illya similar to rin's in pic 3 however purple and white scheme. Sakura's pic 3. Costumes for 2nd panel are dropped however illya is still in her panty hoes. [img id="48c26d5b861836abfc1b9eb76a269252"] [img id="4712da6cc54edf6f2656a7b20e35aaab"] [img id="aa2a016fc927009d31a4bb600e63d27e"]
Added: 2019-06-15 17:25:58
Featuring OCs from Hentai Heroes: Sylvia (Hentai Heroes), Fabienne (Hentai Heroes) Sylvia (green dress, elvish ears - they might not be that big to comply with the rules) and Fabienne (brunette) in the 69 pose as referenced. With dildo in one's ass. Who's on top is up to the artist's choice. [img id="03761c5a2754bd7cb0fd6e07961d469c"] [img id="4a91e40302208a8331be8c82985a8fa3"] [img id="c43caeefde09a8f2613a09f7bb7094e0"] [img id="f6e45694cae8b9fb1048906fa853ccd1"] [img id="9e73b6599ff5d3822878c39d1fdd7d87"]
Added: 2019-06-14 21:49:39
Name: Blow Nina's load. Milly x Nina futa with eggs 3 panels 1. Nina is hugging Milly from behind and Nina's dick is being pressed up against Milly ass. Milly reaction similar pic 1 character on left (blonde character) 2. Milly is being anal by Nina us pic 2 and cumming 3. Your call. Only condition Nina must be cumming in or on Milly. Make pose a bit kink if you want. Also must have cum drip out of Milly ass. Panels 1 must have school costume for both characters. Use pic 3. For panel 2 only skirt on Milly. Panel 3 your call. [img id="ca5e90b09a362bae69461d378fe61ad8"] [img id="d5cb9eb68378e771c7a0af64bdb0b79a"] [img id="5fdee2b8c1a97ca54b702b2ff3803d4f"]
Added: 2019-06-14 18:27:19
Mordred in bikini riding Shiki [img id="1183c321db7c898c7b88f4cb9eaaa04e"] [img id="219a7c03a411e82d12d6cddb91e558f1"] [img id="008f3e6dff1800cb05b218ac3c9adb3d"]
Added: 2019-06-14 15:45:45
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