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  • Batou visit my page on patreon:

    2016-11-22 17:57:30

  • Batou streaming on https://picarto.tv/batouwhentai

    2016-11-11 08:54:23

  • Shinobibrush Hi Batou,

    I'm new here and noticed your closed content stuff. Does the money go to the artist if I choose to unlock one of your images?


    PS - Great work btw.

    2016-11-01 07:09:32

  • Batou So what I want to say about closed content. Only you guys decide to watch it and if you have dissatisfaction about this you can contact the creators of the site about old stuff that was free and now it's closed - it is not my initiative. Now only you can decide whether to support me in my future endeavors. Each view is important to me and now it is a contribution to the creation of new animated parodies. In turn, I want to express gratitude to all who watch my videos and flash videos. Thank you for attention.

    2016-10-06 09:06:17

  • The Black Rogue Raven I apologize for accidentally type the message on your wall twice. Please forgive me.

    2016-09-27 07:20:04

  • The Black Rogue Raven Pardon me, Mr. Batou. But I like to remind you to please finish the Sekirei Love Feast. Please PM me once you done with it? I'll be waiting for it patiently. Take care^_^

    2016-09-24 23:57:09

  • The Black Rogue Raven Pardon me. But I like to remind you to please finish the Sekirei Love Feast. Please PM me once you done with it? I'll be waiting for it patiently. Take care^_^

    2016-09-24 23:55:42

  • The Dude any time for a commission ?

    2016-09-22 07:19:58

  • The Black Rogue Raven Hello Batou. Would you mind me if I like to ask you something. When do you start the next poll coming up?

    2016-09-13 14:54:37

  • The Dude any chance of doing a commission ?

    2016-09-12 16:52:31

  • RickeyHentai You make some of the best animations here! Can't wait to do more gifs of your work!

    2016-09-07 23:01:27

  • Winter Yes, i just find out that, sorry...

    2016-09-07 15:33:10

  • Batou Hello. This is not my initiative, this is decision of the owners of the site ...

    2016-09-07 11:45:00

  • Winter Why are you charging for your old arts? Even the comissions you are asking for votes now? wtf?

    2016-09-06 14:19:36

  • Batou 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈

    2016-07-09 12:24:53

  • Nicolayhansen Hello Batou. What about a video with Ichigo kurosaki and Yoruichi Shihōin from bleach. In episode 41 Yoruichi transform in front of him, and she is naked. And she ask if it the first time he has seen a naked girl before and he is getting embarrassed. She could then ask if he wanted something even better and then she goes on her knees and begins to suck his dick for a while. She then begins to give him a tityfuck after a little while she then licks his dick a little on the tip and then he comes on her face and tits. She then sits on his dick and begins to ride him while she is playing with her breast and moans lustfully, after a little while She bends down so that Ichigo can suck on one of her nipples, and he begins to trust his dick hard in her pussy she then begins to moans more. After that she goes of his cock and stands on all fours and begins to spread her pussy and ask him to take her from behind hard, he begins to fuck her hard from behind. After that he makes her stand on two legs, so that he can fuck her from behind while she is pushed up against a wall. She then turns her head so that they can kiss lecherous, after the kiss he comes so hard in her pussy that her eyes rolls up, he then takes his dick out and comes a last time on her ass and she falls on her knees from exhaustion.
    Best regards Kannwu 

    2016-06-17 18:46:03

  • The Black Rogue Raven Your work sounds really amazing. I'm very impressed.

    2016-05-15 07:43:56

  • Paulo Hello
    I like the video of Silica (sword art online) but not seen her pussy asser
    and I will like even her ass and her anus toujour because we see that pussy and cock and breasts when she's all alone c is good but its'll be cool to see her ass and her anus

    2016-04-11 19:59:46

  • Paulo Hello
    I like the video of Silica (sword art online) but not seen her pussy asser
    and I will like even her ass and her anus toujour because we see that pussy and cock and breasts when she's all alone c is good but its'll be cool to see her ass and her anus

    2016-04-11 19:59:34

  • Paulo hello J will like that one sees the anus as always sees pussy breasts and cock but not the anus j love photo or video or animation Meredy or lucy and erza or angal (fairy tail) with their anus and buttock ca be cool if you please
    and I hope someone face it, please and thank you advances

    2016-04-11 19:51:53

  • Golddiggerb Highschool DxD and Bleach crosscover. Yoruichi, Matsumoto, Rias and Akeno. Having one hell of a foursome.

    2016-03-29 18:11:36

  • Kai Zoro x nami please :D

    2016-02-17 08:10:31

  • Enzoo898 Mr. Batou will be continued as Erza, Lucy, Natsu and Gray ??. I liked the animation as always with good art haha

    2016-02-09 01:48:29

  • Batou Thank you for your kind words

    2016-01-31 17:31:56

  • Enzoo898 Thanks Batou you are the best so I look forward

    2016-01-31 13:48:44

  • Enzoo898 Batou a question, when would have animation Erza, Natsu and Gray ??

    2016-01-24 19:54:58

  • Sonicsucks20 I hope you do a another sasuke harem one but with the shippuden characters for fun.

    2016-01-14 02:08:59

  • Enzoo898 remember that episode xD hope that animation with taste

    2016-01-10 17:34:33

  • Batou There will be new animation with Natsu, Gray and Erzy very soon. If you remember episode 21of Fairy Tail when Erza told about to take a shower together with Natsu and Gray. will see what might happen next)

    2016-01-08 08:36:17

  • Enzoo898 You could make an animation of Erza?

    2016-01-07 06:14:00

  • Birusu Are you French ?

    2015-12-13 14:18:45

  • Shablagooo You're awesome dude!

    2015-08-24 23:06:10

  • NamiLover Great uploads - love your work :)

    2015-03-30 18:15:49

  • Parisien97230 gif?

    2015-01-22 10:23:58

  • ELBENTO Thank you very much. I love your animations ;)

    2014-11-21 22:09:24

  • The Stig No problem :)

    2014-11-06 18:37:34

  • ZinZero No problem :P

    2014-11-06 18:20:48

  • WHentai Tan to all my fans: https://www.picarto.tv/live/channel.php?watch=bato

    2014-09-25 10:25:27

  • Zerg323232 I like the hypercartoonism and yet you maintain it relative to the media and source.

    2014-07-20 12:29:02

  • The Dude there are sexual (nudity)scenes in-sekirei,highschool DxD,tripping the rift-that could be made it to sex animations

    2014-01-13 01:37:09

  • Tiraomoz what's up man I'm unable to access your video and game I was told that I need to complete my registration and that when I do an email will be sent to me to verify my account I get the mails but after clicking the verification I'm still unable to view videos or games I wuld pls like assistance

    2013-12-10 15:49:26

  • Bladewing hi

    2013-11-23 06:37:25

  • Markpower33 Welcome back dude

    2013-11-22 19:47:58

  • Josephf-s Lesbian sex between katara and Ty Lee (picture not gif) 69 or fingering no dildos

    2013-10-02 21:19:13

  • Montevry Madagascar Hentai

    2013-07-14 03:18:38

  • Ericberry24 I'd love to see Brian Griffin wrecking Jillian

    2013-06-23 23:41:51

  • Markpower33 love your works dude keep it up

    2013-06-22 09:19:33

  • Wingblack can I ask if you could help with a vote from Bato, the idea for Baloo rule 63. Front and back from :Oreopanda

    2013-06-06 04:52:14

  • Wingblack Baloo rule 63. Front and back

    2013-06-05 21:19:34

  • Fndr_shrddr Ember getting facefucked by Danny

    2013-06-01 08:39:14

  • Super_sexy_100 candace getting fucked by phineas and ferb!

    2013-05-28 08:04:26

  • Tpainter777 Brandy Harrington sex Video

    2013-05-27 00:39:57

  • Pervysage Please i need your help with sketchlanza vote pool for the yuffie rikku pic.

    2013-05-16 04:28:03

  • Rizz Francine Smith from American dad and Lois Griffin fingering and eatting each other out

    2013-05-14 09:24:49

  • Sonicsucks20 Sasuke x Ino please riding sex style.

    2013-05-14 07:23:02

  • Latalentsearch Some Korra anal would be good, and it would be popular cause a new sea is supposed to be coming out soon.

    2013-05-14 06:00:41

  • O2bfree Would love to see Marge SImp taking multiple dicks down at Moe's Tavern!

    2013-05-05 16:29:43

  • Annoymurs Any Powerpuff Girls porn?

    2013-04-19 15:58:21

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    The Demon Brother's Whore: An animation where Shura Kirigakure (Blue Exorcist) gets fucked by Mephisto and Amaimon (Blue Exorcist). Shura (http://static2.comicvine.com/uploads/original/5/52462/3122450-shura_kirigakure_04_by_ale_mangekyo-d5isorn.png) Mephisto (https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/45/c5/ef/45c5ef4c1c6d2054df7c1d52ba90ab59.png) Amaimon (http://vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net/aonoexorcist/images/5/56/Amaimon_no_Epis%C3%B3dio_12.png/revision/latest?cb=20130705200216&path-prefix=pt-br) Scene 1: Mephisto lifting up Shura's kimono, revealing her plump ass in striped panties while Amaimon grips one of her ass cheeks Scene 2: Amaimon anal fucking Shura from behind with her panties shoved in her mouth and her tits popping out of her kimono at the end Scene 3: Mephisto fucking Shura vaginal stand and carry while sucking on one of her nipples Scene 4: Shura getting bukkake'd by Mephisto and Amaimon
  • Votes:
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    A selection of Manaworld females (http://manaworldcomics.com/site/) -syx -red -shashanna -kandy (cowgirl)
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    Suicide Squad Harley Quinn is in the jail cell with Suicide Squad Joker as he fucks her while she is on her back legs up while he fucks your deep and hard in her pussy how she holds on to the bedpost Man of Steel as the Moon is shining through the window bars at the window will semen splashing all the place
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  • Animation. First Scene:Ochaco Uraraka (My Hero Academia) is wearing her cheerleader outfit with no shoes or sock just bare feet while having sex With Midoriya and Bakugo in a double penetration like-http://rule34.xxx/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=2264958 while she is moaning. Second Scene: Bakugo Start to Fuck Ochaco in a Missionary position while kissing other and he creampie his semen in of her pussy while she is blowjob Midoriya's cock. Third Scene: Midoriya turn is to fuck Ochaco in a cowgirl position while he put a dildo in asshole and he start to also creampie inside of pussy as well. Scene fourth: after done having a threesome hero course sex training Midoridya and Bakugo began to Cumshot their Semen/cum on Ochaco's face,boobs, halfnude body and her barefeet while she is on her knees with her mouth open and tongue sticking out. [The End]
  • Animation.First Mirajane will be giving a titfuck-blowjob like this http://x.imagefapusercontent.com/u/ron2007/3953213/1815334669/15_2.gif . Then  she will be getting fucked like this http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-3sWois7AZhY/VYgw5OGgP5I/AAAAAAAAA9E/jz6VugNU5n4/s1600/197ac43f544c9ba4cf35396bb83f9918.gif (expression of reference ).Then like this  http://i.imgbox.com/t6dFTjQk.gif same expression  .Lastly like this http://img1.thatpervert.com/pics/post/-censored-hentai-hentai-hentai-gifs-1508701.gif same expression ,with the dick heavily creamping her at the end.In all scenes (exept the first one )she is wearing this http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-SPjGzm4pNnc/VUG1cX9vf8I/AAAAAAAAAYM/CiABmCYxEU0/s1600/vlcsnap-2015-04-29-21h41m11s169.png (In the second panel panties on the side.In the third both tits showing and In the last only one tit showing )
  • Goten and Trunks shower adventure2: This time with Korra (from the legend of korra, duh(it sound stupid)).First scene: Korra is wearing a towel and showing her ass while Goten and Trunks grab her cheeks and showing their big dicks. Second scene: Korra it's lying on the floor while Goten fuck her vaginal and Trunks get a blowjob while grab her breast.Third scene: Goten and Trunks fuck Korra like this (https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/1f/0a/fd/1f0afdc36dda4001f328d5e771f4bcae.jpg) Goten anal while Trunks vaginal with his face in middle of Korra breast. Fourth scene: Korra giving a double blowjob to the boys like this (https://cdnio.luscious.net/14/lusciousnet_starfire-double-blowjob_1622078188.jpg (I know that picture is weird, but you have the idea))

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