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Neeba created this artwork
Singlerius suggested the idea
Special Traing - Lets Fuck Around The World:
The survey corps found a secret way out of the walls and Levy gave Mikasa a special mission. She should see the world, travel around and train, train, train -> so when she comes back nothing can stand in her way ( well or something like that XD ). Her first stop is a town in the east. Their she finds strange walking human beeings eating other humans -> this remebers her of the situation back at her home. Of course she strikes several of these things down. During her fight she sees other people fighting against these things -> yeah your right its our crew of Highschool of the dead. Mikasa joined them and they made it out alive. Mikasa especially was excited about Saeko. Her fightning style impressed her very much, well and Saeko was impressed about the device Mikasa uses and her strength of course. Back at the safe house the two girls came even closer together till they couldn't reisst any longer.
-> Yeah plot is over, now the fucking XD -> two scenes and please as two separate pics.
First scene: Saeko fucks Mikasa similar like this using a big double dildo -> Image . Mikasa has one of her feet on one of Saekos big boobs and grabs her nipple with her toes. Saeko grabs the other foot and licks her sole. Mikasa also should somehow play / fondle with her own boobs. Both with a really aroused look on their face, glare at each other ( just before they climax ), really wet pussys and make them a bit sweaty of exhaustion. Saeko in this outfit ( External ) but without the leg and arm protection, without the skirt, her top is opened so we can see her big boobs and her thong is just pushed aside. Mikasa with a few parts of her survey corp uniform -> which parts is up to you, but she has to wear her red scarf, her feet have to be naked and her tummy must be exposed. Her abs similiar like this ( Image )
Second scene: The two girls similar to this Image -> of course this is just an example what I like to see, you can adjust it like you want. Mikasa on top, Saeko on bottom. Saeko only wears her black thong and her unbuttomed top. The rest of Mikasa's clothes is up to you. But their nipples have to visible, how they press against each other. And they should look really aroused at each other.
Uploaded: 2016-12-29 09:03:24
Discussion: (8 comments)
  • Takasugi

    2016-12-29 09:35:44

    Nice job!

  • Agustin_islam

    2016-12-29 11:24:02


  • Ech1

    2016-12-29 14:18:24

    one of the most badass and hottest anime girls ever

  • Singlerius

    2016-12-29 15:48:19

    Woooohooo Neeba this looks incredible. Amazing job on both girls. Just love this kinky style in the first pic and the second makes a perfect wallpaper XD

  • Singlerius

    2016-12-29 15:50:55

    Hope we can let Mikasas journey continue soon ;-)

  • Batiii

    2016-12-29 19:03:13

    Mikasa's butt 😀

  • Alchemist983

    2016-12-29 22:01:18

    Really hot, nice job!

  • JamesVane

    2016-12-30 08:43:33

    great pairing and great art !

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