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EdJim created this artwork
JamesVane suggested the idea
Followup of "Gray fucking Lucy" (Gray_fucking_Lucy_ ). < Vertical Panel 1 > Ceiling view, focus on left side of the bed. Gray fucks Lucy in this pose : Image but Lucy is joining her legs like this : Image . Natsu is still asleep, but he has rolled over and has now his head resting on Lucy right boob. He's grabbing Lucy left boob with his right hand while dreaming. Lucy is blushing and sucking her fingers to avoid screaming. No need to draw the right side of the bed with Juvia. < Vertical Panel 2 > Ceiling view, focus on right side of the bed. Gray is turning his back from Juvia and Lucy is giving him a deepthroat bj. Lucy has her eyes closed and she's grabbing Gray's butt with both hands, pulling him into her mouth. Juvia is turned towards Gray and she's having a wet dream. She's trying to kiss Gray and tries to grab his dick with her left hand. Gray is turning his head back looking panicked and grabs Juvia wrist before she can reach Lucy's head. With his right hand, he is still pushing Lucy's head on his cock. No need to draw the left side of the bed with Natsu. < Full page Horizontal Panel 3 > Frontal view of the feet of the bed. Gray fucking Lucy in piledriver : Image at the feet of the bed. Gray is cumming and they are both screaming with their eyes closed. Gray is thrusting and some cum is pumped out and splash on Lucy's belly, tits and face. Behind Grey, we can see Natsu on his left and Juvia on his right waking up.
Uploaded: 2016-10-20 18:39:58
Discussion: (73 comments)
  • JamesVane

    2016-10-20 18:48:25

    god damn.. Ed you're a genius this is exactly what I had in mind

  • Shirontai

    2016-10-20 18:48:58

    he last panel is amazing! I wonder what reaction will have Natsu and Juvia and if there will be revenge. Sexual Revenge :p

  • Winter

    2016-10-20 18:59:38

    loved it! great work and idea!

  • Fish1337

    2016-10-20 19:10:08

    that looks awesome!

  • Agustin_islam

    2016-10-20 19:12:46


  • Emperor2

    2016-10-20 19:13:15

    WOW!!! really nice follow up! i hope gray and lucy have more fun behind their back in the future! nice

  • Shiryudragon

    2016-10-20 19:18:10

    It's incredible and so hot so fantastic son ans s0!!!!!

  • Jupmod

    2016-10-20 20:07:58

    Love it! Gray and Lucy get it on in front of a sleeping Natsu and Juvia! :) It would be great if to show the tables turned with Juvia and Natsu getting it on in front of sleeping Lucy and Gray. XD

  • Azo

    2016-10-20 20:08:34

    Make the revenge of this


    2016-10-20 20:11:56

    make more grey and lucy in situations like this love them fucking each other

  • EruzaSukāretto

    2016-10-20 21:21:34

    Absolutely amazing and fucking hot !!! :Q

  • Sweet99

    2016-10-20 21:45:12


  • Zero

    2016-10-20 21:57:35


  • Shayan.hashemkhani

    2016-10-20 22:44:35

    fucking hot

  • Darkshadow777

    2016-10-20 23:26:41

    So much awesomeness is placed in this art! I FUCKING LOVE IT!

  • Allentorgen

    2016-10-21 01:23:03

    in last pic - storm is coming)

  • Plavsic

    2016-10-21 03:10:30

    Juvia loves Gray too much. and will never have sex with that ugly filth Natsu so keep dreaming.

  • Plavsic

    2016-10-21 03:10:38

    More Gray x Lucy please

  • Alchemist983

    2016-10-21 04:08:41

    You make Lucy so well! She's too good!

  • Xoxo

    2016-10-21 04:21:23

    oh no theyre waking up in the back O____O


    2016-10-21 04:29:00

    i wish we could see juvia and natsu expression after they wake up haha

  • MavisLaw

    2016-10-21 04:34:46

    Wow, this is really hot! Pour Juvia, she's waking up to her worst nightmare become reality.

  • FairyTailHentai

    2016-10-21 05:24:46

    This is soOoOo Good!! Keep it up !!

  • Xoxo

    2016-10-21 07:04:43

    Do some natsu and Juvia makin steam babies after this

  • Xoxo

    2016-10-21 07:06:56

    To be honest I find Juvias ass the hottest part of this picture

  • Juviaslut

    2016-10-21 07:47:26

    amazing!!! and Juvia must have a sex revenge ;P

  • Lushes3000

    2016-10-21 09:46:59

    Amazing, i wonder if they'll be an angry Foursome?

  • Zoli182

    2016-10-21 11:01:38

    Fucking Good

  • Basilictrain78

    2016-10-21 11:25:33

    Make a sexual revenge between Natsu and Juvia please !

  • Soraskey43

    2016-10-21 11:56:26

    juvia zo hot

  • Arian

    2016-10-21 13:38:06

    This is awesome lmao. Make more Gray x Lucy for sure, to piss off the Nalu fans xD

  • Arian

    2016-10-21 13:38:13

    Graylu FTW!

  • Jupmod

    2016-10-21 14:59:54

    Navia revenge pic please! :)

  • Shevchenko765

    2016-10-21 15:19:47

    You're so pathetic graylu fans. Just keep your dream Lucy belongs only natsu maybe you should draw your moms with gray losers

  • Shevchenko765

    2016-10-21 15:29:49

    Respect to nalu fans

  • Ténébras

    2016-10-21 16:13:47

    great, you have a part 3 with natsu and juvia and part 4 with everyone

  • Jupmod

    2016-10-21 16:42:17

    Seems some fans here sure are butt hurt over suggestions of Natsu and Juvia as follow-up to this.

  • Plavsic

    2016-10-21 16:58:19

    Jupmod, get your eyes checked. Toshiro D Noctis, the biggest pleb in the world

  • Jupmod

    2016-10-21 17:46:15

    Wow. You guys really have no life, eh?

  • Hentai Sensei

    2016-10-21 17:54:21

    woooow excellent job and idea

  • Reptilicus

    2016-10-21 18:10:52

    (This comments need a moderator so badly...) Nice pic! Keep it up.

  • Kyro2

    2016-10-21 18:21:10

    Great work. I want to see a Gray x Lucy third pic. Stand up carry position ;D

  • Seven1

    2016-10-21 18:27:49

    Dam Yall Are Stupid Ass Fuck Argueing, Shit I hope there A Natsu x Juvia fucking down the Road , Juvia Needs More Art Now Because you Hardly See Her in here...

  • Seven1

    2016-10-21 18:29:54

    Wait Yall Gonna Be salty If Natsu Fucks Juvia!? Shit Gray Rejects her Ass all the Time Man, it makes me wonder if gray Is GAY AT LEAST natsu is getting some Booty and Boobs in Manga and Hentai world 😂👏 Natsu is Gonna Eat the shit out Juvia

  • Seven1

    2016-10-21 18:40:54

    Wait wait Gray x Lucy is Pairing Oh Boi😂 dam dam If I was You, I should go Check yours Eyes first... Like GrayLu aint a Ship Bro that a Shit Crack ship Pairing 😂 like the Guy that has Erza x Gray that shit a Crack ship so Your saying you can't ship anyone? Bro Please everyone has the right to Ship I want to see Some Natsu x Juvia For real the Steam Babies was a Hit now You talking Mad shit because Graytards want all the girls to be with gray now 😂😂😂 fuck man

  • Seven1

    2016-10-21 18:43:29

    Clearly Geno and the Other Graytards think That Gray has the authority to be with all The girls😂 GTFO with that Bull Shit.... Gray is Even Worse Than Shitsu to be Honest go read the manga and The nigga is Gay Rejecting every beauty he encounters smh Graytards are the Cancer of Whentai tbh

  • Kyro2

    2016-10-21 18:54:19

    I hope there's never a Natsu x Juvia down the road.

  • Kyro2

    2016-10-21 18:56:52

    No one is worse than Natsu. Gray is the best character in FT, get your eyes checked, you dumb crack ass faggot tard. Damn Natsu tards like you are a disgrace, no one can be as gay as a shit character as Natsu lmao. Gray deserves all the chicks. Natsu's aid ridden ass shouldn't be with any girl period. Read the fucking manga, Gray never rejects her, you gay ass bitch. The natsutards of webhair are pretty fucking cancer tbh.

  • Natsu x792

    2016-10-21 19:38:42

    Oh men that was a masterpiece, your draws of GrayxLucy are the best and put more pics in that scenes is more wonderfull!!!

  • Soraskey43

    2016-10-21 23:57:01

    guys this comment section is for the artist to get feedback for his work theres a place for despute and thats using message on the website there you can debate over this picture. i dont mean to sound like a kerk but i hate to see a pretty good pic shamed.

  • Seven1

    2016-10-22 04:26:14

    Dam Yall Are salty Over a Fucking Fiction Character 😂😂 im done. Like for real if your into Gray That Much why don't you go Fuck him? like For Real Shit your Gonna Get So Salty Ass fuck if there's A Juvia x Natsu 😂 ED Please Make One So I could see these people rage and drink bleach

  • Seven1

    2016-10-22 04:28:01

    Kyoto I read the Manga Dumb Fuck 😂 And Everyone Who Reads the Manga are Shitting On Gray for His Stupidity Right about now But go head and say something I just tell straigh facts

  • Seven1

    2016-10-22 04:29:54

    Geno Oh Boi that's Some Imagination you have there 😂 if you say gray was tapping Her for 6 months Then Natsu was Sleeping with Lucy the whole time since the beginning Of Fairy tail even Happy Was Getting Some😂 Shit Gray Is Busting a Sasuke now In the manga Kid

  • Seven1

    2016-10-22 04:31:16

    Yall Salty for a Suggestion 😂 I just I would like to see some Juvia Action fire and Water But yall Niggas go over board Fuckinh Weebos

  • Seven1

    2016-10-22 04:39:01

    Dam Geno With The UnLimited Accounts Brahhh Can't Accept that Your Dream girl Juvia is Gonna Fuck someone else that Gray!? maybe we should have Natsu Laxus and Gajeel dam toss all the Dragon Slayers Gang Bang Juvia lol

  • Arian

    2016-10-22 16:55:51

    Stupid fucking Natsu fans still talking smack. Leave this place immediately if you have nothing good to say, dumb children.

  • EruzaSukāretto

    2016-10-23 02:17:23

    Erza must come in punish Lucy by forcing her to be fucked by Juvia with a dildo belt and taking care of Gray and Natsu personally :)

  • Seven1

    2016-10-23 05:18:40

    Apparently you don't read the manga or watch the anime 😂 he always goes to Lucy House & I'm not a NaLu fan dumb fuck I just gave a Sugesstion for who to fuck next dumb shit your to obsessed with your Gray sama Kid... I don't

  • Seven1

    2016-10-23 05:19:57

    Apprently I see your Comments under some Juvia x Natsu pics or when Natsu fucks a Bad bitch.. Bro your a cancer to this Whentai community body likes you with your shitless opinions get the fuck out

  • Dophexy

    2016-10-23 20:41:51

    do natsu fucking juvia

  • Winter

    2016-10-24 02:38:09

    Congratulations on the 100th comment :)

  • MakiChan

    2016-10-24 09:16:39

    Natsu x Juvia!!

  • Plavsic

    2016-10-24 17:35:24

    Seven, why are you still here kiddo? Shouldn't be sucking on your Natsu-sama's dick some more? Yeah he goes to Lucy's house to get his ass kicked, he's a faggot.

  • Plavsic

    2016-10-24 17:37:25

    Apparently you're retarded enough to not realize you're doing the same thing you are accusing people of. You and your dupe accounts Toshiro are butthurt and salty at the fact that Lucy is being fucked by someone who isn't Natsu, so that's why you're shit posting and take your cringeworthy existence here. You are the epitome of cancer in WHentai. So do us all a favour and log off permanently. Bitch. You should get the fuck out. Your salt and shitty opinions are irrelevant since you have no credibility left. You're just a salty little cum bubble and are crying at the fact that Gray gets more action with Lucy, than your shitty ass Nalu lmao

  • Batiii

    2016-10-25 04:21:53


  • Kindelfiretest

    2016-10-26 22:52:05

    Will you upload them individually?

  • Anime48lover

    2016-10-29 00:02:56

    Even tho i ship NaLu. I still love Gray Lucy hentai. it is just so Fuckin hot

  • Anime48lover

    2016-10-29 00:03:30

    We need more

  • Anime48lover

    2016-10-29 01:21:49

    This needs a fanfiction

  • Yagami.kira_

    2016-10-31 16:43:53

    juvia’s body is thick as fuck!!! That’s a milf’s body right there. please make juvia fucking with natsu or gray

  • Big Sean

    2016-11-01 08:34:18

    Natsu deserves this. Gray ftw

  • Juvia88

    2017-03-06 01:56:22

    Why deserve the natsu as well gray would not do the juvia because he loves her and juvia is prettier than lucy and feminine curves I love her blue hair And I hate men who go to the women and do something to the women

  • Juvia88

    2017-03-06 01:57:20

    big Sean

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