My Rules:
- no gay/scat/gore (floating dicks are fine)
- im ok with drawing loli/animal girls(not full furry)/ monster girls.
i accept out of site commissions but i would prefer it here. you can send me a msg at [email protected] if you cant reach me here
My Pricelist (approximate):
100 Extra Votes:
1 female with anonymous male or with sex toys (pose up to you)
150 Extra Votes:
a couple or 2 females or 1 female w/ multiple anonymous males (pose up to you)
200 Extra Votes:
2 panel picture with a female with anonymous male or with sex toys or 2 females with 1 male (pose up to you)
250 Extra Votes:
Two females with multiple anonymous males or a couple in a 2 panel picture or 2 couples or 2 females in a 2 paneled picture
300 Extra Votes:
3 female in a threesome with/without an anonymous male or 1 female with anonymous male in a 3 paneled picture (pose up to you)
500 Extra Votes:
Five females with anonimous males or a 2 scene animation with 1 female and an anonymous male (pose up to you)

My Active Requests at WHentai:

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Sailor Mercury giving a blowjob with the guy cumming in her mouth with a surprised/shocked but also disgusted look on her face.
Added: 2019-02-16 03:37:32
Discussion: (3 comments )
This is my first commission. Please, I would like three variation of penetration including a beginning of penetration, a complete penetration and expressions of the different faces, normal form for the first image, form Super Saiyan for the second image and form Super Saiyan Blue for the third and if possible I would like to see the sperm reach the egg Caulifla. [img id="f569e42bd593093ebb6e77213facba9f"]
Added: 2019-02-03 21:09:04
Mereoleona giving Asta a blowjob [img id="4defe8812d42c68b9f1259f63bc1c950"] [img id="bfdaa4e41abd2e5ed64e6d0daa2db87b"] [img id="42a0ca41d931a492e764f2813f666292"] [img id="120d6d14e14ebca168619ce6b2c3477c"]
Added: 2019-01-29 10:26:37
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Lucy and Ezra both naked in the guild hall Lucy has a tattoo #3 on her brest and Ezra has a tattoo #4 on her brest both have nipple piercings and empty eyes under mind control Lucy is covered in cum
Added: 2019-01-10 22:29:01
I want Lucy heartfelia in the same suit as in this artwork (lucy-heartfilia-4-panels ) on the first panel I want her to have cum on her tits and in her mouth with Erza Scarlet sucking on her tits with her ass showing in her dress of this art work (erza-sexy-outfit-collection ) and on the second panel I want Lucy to get cum in her ass and outside her ass with Erza receiving cum on her face while sucking on Lucy’s tits with the same dresses on. Finally I want Lucy’s tits to be the same as in the first link.")
Added: 2018-12-27 22:50:13
Fullbody and completely naked Hatsune Mei (Boku no Hero Academia) floats in the air on special seat, equipped with jetpack and numerous sex toys (something similar to Gremlin from Kenkou Cross MGE: Image ) which pleasure Mei's pussy and ass.
Added: 2018-12-13 05:05:21
Nero (Saber) from Fate/Extra giving a sweet and sensual titjob/blowjob to a lucky guy on her bed (first person from the guys perspective)
Added: 2018-12-12 01:00:53
Rem Licking edelgard feet, she has black toenails, they both naked but have collar like rem. They both have hypnotized eye. The image is zoomed out to see that rem is also giving a footjob. [img id="4e27c7520a934c0a8093c4f19dc43c8c"]
Added: 2018-12-09 03:38:40
Price: Name yo price, yo Artist: Anyone can apply. Title: VA Cosplay, Jean/Boa Clare/Merry Characters: 2 Characters, standing up. Clare ( Image ) and Jean ( External ) from Claymore. Background: None, plain white will do. Details: Jean is cosplaying as Boa Hancock ( External ) from One Piece, wearing the outfit in the reference. She's sort of casually holding up the skirt part sort of like this ( deneve-loly-cosplay ), which exposes her pussy and she's not wearing any underwear. The parts of her dress that cover her breasts is also torn down the middle, so the flaps fall away and show her breasts more fully. Jean is looking at Clare with much arousal/surprise at how sexy she thinks Clare is. Clare is wearing a custom outfit of your (the artist's) own design. My only specifications are that it MUST be based off of this: ( External ), and she's wearing a strap-on modeled after the ship's ram-helm and railings. More specifically, the dildo's shaft is the shape of the canon and its head is the shape of the ram-head, with the panty-section of it stylized after the white railings. Yes, that is a ship. The first ship of the Strawhats from One Piece, to be precise. She is cosplaying as a ship. Other than that, it's entirely up to the artist how they want to do her outfit.
Added: 2018-12-09 03:35:55