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"Part of the duty" From Tokyo Ghoul:re ; CCG have a government as their main sponsored for the funding. But as time pass, the cost for the operation is increasing dramatically which government now concern whether they should still sponsored the organization or not. To gain the government trust, CCG sent the intelligent and beautiful inverstigator to convince them. The picture will be Mado Akira(:re version)(External ) in this position(External ), same expression with thick cum in her mouth. Make minor change - the guy grab her ass and fuck her hard and cum hard - change these 2 anons to be 2 old fat anons (to align with above story :P) If possible, I want this sex scene to be in the this kind of hotel. You may use this as a ref(Image ) May not need to be exactly like this, just capture what make it's look like the hotel; maybe big bed, fancy curtain, big window with night sky with city light outside and dimmer light room. You can adjust the location scene per your judgement.
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Chifuyu Orimura was invited to be a guest teacher at boys school for teaching an IS system. She was excited to be able to teach in the boys school for the first time, but instead of teaching the lesson, she is forced to teach something else.... The picture will be 3 panels The located is "school". About her appearance, 1. Chifuyu will wear her normal cloth(External ) with a few adjustment. She will wear glasses and had her hair fold like this (Image ) 2. For her underwear, She will wear this bra(External ) and this pantyhose(Image ) under her skirt. ---1st panel----- She will be in this position(External ) with her hand agaist desk(not bed like the ref). Her upper-half is pull down similar to the reference. She will look at the anon with anger (like her normally expression lol) ---2nd panel----- This position(External ). She will look up at anon with ahegao expression. She will only wear her bra(but show her boobs, as it's was pulled), and pantyhose. ---3rd panel----- This position(External ). She will lay down on the desk with thick cum over her like the ref. She will only wear pantyhose and it was torned.
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Kushina's secret affair. Because of her husband is a very busy Hokage and does't have time for her, Kushina feel really lonely. She decide to invite guys over to her place when her husband is out to relieve her loneliness(or horniness). The picture will be Kushina wear naked apron. She fucked with 2 random guys like this(External ). Additional details 1. Kushina with hair like this(Image ) 2. She wear only this apron(External ) 3. Make the door slighty open and Jiraiya sneak peek the situation with his pervert expression 4. Location is Kushina house 5. Thick cum on her face, also drip from her pussy
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You will be my "bitch" from now on. From KonoSuba; Wiz was found out to be one of the Demon King's Commander that need to be defeated. She beg Kazuma to let her live since she haven't done anything bad. Kazuma agree to let her live but with 1 special condition, she will do anything he want from now on and that's include nasty things. The picture will be 2 panels. --1st panel Wiz appearance like this(Image ) She give Kazuma a titjob in this position(Image ). Make some minor changes 1. Let she suck cock and thick cum explode like this(Image ) 2. Her expression similar to this(Image ) 3.Kazuma's hand on her head instead of her chin Location: Bath Room --2nd panel Wiz in this outfit (Image ) Wiz fuck with Kazuma in this position(Image ) Make some minor changes 1. Change it to long gloves and long boots 2. Her expression like this(Image ) include the tears(may not as much as the ref) 3. Thick cum drip from her puss 4. Show her nipples 5. Kazuma expression like this(Image ) lol Location: Kazuma's bed
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Shihouin secret ceremony. As a first women to become a head of Shihoin family, Yoruichi need to pass curtain ceremony to proof that she can truly be a head of this noble family. The picture will be Yoruichi in this dress and hair(Image ), she have a gangbang with her underling to show that she can truly rule them in this position(Image ). Some minor changes from ref, she will be fucked in her pussy and she will give a handjob to a guy at the back. Her kimono also pull down half-naked. Cum all over her.
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Sorcerer Magazine new issue! Jenny Realight decide to take an adult film for Sorcerer Magazine. She got fuck by Jason(The Sorcerer Magazine's Reporter). Her position and cloth like this(Image ), also include her signature flower on her head(make it be purple one). Jason is holding a video camera for filming.
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