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Yuta x Ibuki. So this is what I want from this commission. The first panel shows Ibuki slowly stroking off Yuta's penis from under the sheets. He is seen breathing heavily as Ibuki smiles at him as she is slowly enticing him into sex. The second panel shows Yuta happily accepting Ibuki's invitation for sex as he goes on top of her and penetrates Ibuki. Ibuki is seen moaning in pleasure as Yuta smiles as he goes down on her. The third panel shows Yuta raising himself up as he has her legs and continues to go on inside her. I want to see Ibuki continue to moan in pleasure but with her eyes open as she gets a good view of Yuta going in on her. The last panel I'm using your last commission as reference but I need you to do a few changes. Yuta pulls out his penis and cums all over Ibuki's stomach, breasts, and some of it manages to make it to her face. Her pussy should show a cream pie as well as he was a bit too late to pull out and he a huge load. Also, please change the facial expression of Ibuki from Ahegao to a face of exhaustion with a little smile. If you have any questions feel free to pm me. [img id="a75c711159f157e7bd4310f35b24f502"] [img id="73015aee9e7bee964aa4d813ad28518d"] [img id="155123b6f05246eb3a82600f3f1acf1f"] [img id="9bab011079e9ea21a1245ad0a67d032b"] [img id="381ffa1799704ea9367d6728b9f4e7dc"] [img id="8e5bff854c4ccda7ab4ad0cc87c9d17b"]
Added: 2019-07-19 23:50:40
Title: Street Fighter Futa love Sakura vs Ibuki Ibuki gets banged furiously from behind by Sakura in her futa state as Ibuki is covered all over her body in cum. Sakura has a hold of both of her arms as she goes at it rough. Ibuki's face needs to look as if she's in ecstasy, both smiling and flustered, look into the first image for details, and as for Sakura, give her a facial expression as she is about to give in as she's at the point of cumming once again. Within the same panel put in a small image like what you see from the second image. If you have any questions then feel free to pm me. [img id="872ecf0fa6884ef235899d6e3ffad1ee"] [img id="bc10d97c88f0dbcd0ee20989aae76913"] [img id="5343f3c974ec7c9700c906adfaa01840"] [img id="4be4c20c33aac076753ac418be53b6f8"]
Added: 2018-12-22 11:52:04
Don't Stop! Ibuki x Yuta 1 Panel I want the panel to go as follows. They are both fully naked. Ibuki moans in pleasure as Yuta furiously bangs her from behind as he cums inside her. On the same panel create a small panel where sperm is swimming towards the light. The position should be as shown on the third image but use the fourth image for further reference when he cums. Feel free to pm me if you need to ask for further details. [img id="4be4c20c33aac076753ac418be53b6f8"] [img id="9b5e3dac6c026d1c4741ad9bc2c64aaf"] [img id="c5877e2841046b4efc624cb2ce6b5e66"] [img id="b1feb63b4209617435cac34b55ae1830"]
Added: 2018-12-14 14:16:11
Title: Concealed Fantasy Series: Fairy Tail Natsu x Erza Panel 1: Things start out hot as Erza is seen from behind riding Natsu. Through the bed sheets we see her riding Natsu's dick while he looks on in pleasure. There bodies should be sweating as this is a heated moment for the two. Panel 2: In this scene we see Natsu sucking on Erza's breasts as she moans in pleasure as she looks down on him in intense pleasure. At this moment, Natsu can no longer hold it in as he lets out his thick load of cum inside Erza. [img id="e853f039b5ba852418cd5a9544795eeb"] [img id="6c32eac7a3dbe31a7d453651590bfe31"]
Added: 2018-10-28 11:25:26
Natsu Dragneel x Erza Scarlet Series: Fairy Tail Title: Sexual release Panel 1: In the first panel we see Erza give Natsu a blowjob. Erza is slowly sucking him off while Natsu looks down. Enjoying his time with her and smiling. We see them both fully naked and we get a good view of Erza's ass. Please refer to the 3rd Image for details. Panel 2: Natsu goes at it rough against Erza missionary style. We see Erza moaning in pleasure as Natsu goes at it, fully energetic. Please refer to the 4th image for details, Panel 3: The next scene shows Erza turn around for Natsu, lying down front and exposing herself from behind as Natsu penetrates her from behind. He goes at it rough once again while Erza is seen moaning in pleasure. Please refer to the 5th image for details. Panel 4: Natsu reaches his limit so he pulls out and let's Erza finish him. Erza reaches for his cock as she jerks him off hard. Natsu then releases his load all over Erza's face and breasts. The 6th and final image should you the details you need. [img id="e043cbcfb973997cad6ec6622bf2172a"] [img id="6f02300bcfb43eb3156dcdca6440dab1"] [img id="d7962de98feb0b44487be8f4f4c3a225"] [img id="9bab011079e9ea21a1245ad0a67d032b"] [img id="5e10c79ac6f6c5cf38a1dc7d55c1192d"] [img id="e2ba1a21b476f539268ac42fac9467d3"]
Added: 2018-10-13 02:41:18
Title: Happy Chinese Massage Special! Characters: Ranma & Shampoo Shampoo giving Ranma a Happy Chinese Massage! Both of them are fully naked as Shampoo slowly strokes Ranma's cock while Ranma plays with her breasts. Refer to the image for details. [img id="58e1f778461064f9e7ed1c7905e9aef0"] [img id="7a0685ca012b022fc45be02dd71f33f9"] [img id="58cd7d70f9b4d11081bf517816f6a952"]
Added: 2018-10-11 13:48:29
So this scene will be split in three different panels. I'm going to describe each panel and how I want things to play out. The first Panel it will go like this. Ibuki has her legs apart as Guy goes at it missionary style in the bath tub. Her facial expression should match the first picture and as for Guy give him a serious facial look while showing his teeth grit a little as he is pounding her. Both of them should be covered in bath water as they are doing it. The second panel shows Ibuki being done from behind as she lays down being pounded away while Guy goes at it. Guy's face should look like the fifth picture I attached. As for Ibuki, her face should be exactly like the fourth picture. Also, give Ibuki a nice round behind, exactly how it's shown from the fourth picture. The third and last panel will end with Guy blowing his load all over Ibuki's face, chest, and stomach as it is shown in the last image. Her expression should be that of exhaustion and fatigue as her time with Guy was very intense. Try and match exactly what is shown in the last image. [img id="cb9305db2fdf055e39ee8e615c50fe24"] [img id="12f15d1d57c086c73c830276788c974f"] [img id="d2905807f44ea9c477ad297a561f1d5d"] [img id="de8692760dc2278641c9ce38a7ab1336"] [img id="fcc7017a12a54beb27da68809626648f"] [img id="f7f0a238fb2d5a56c7a2a8be8609d44d"]
Added: 2018-09-21 17:34:50
Ok, so here's how I want this scene to play out. In the first panel I want an anon guy to fondle Ibuki's breasts in the shower while Ibuki slowly teases the guy by playing with his penis from behind. The first picture should give you a good reference. In the second panel Ibuki gets banged from behind while she moans in pleasure. The anon guy is grabbing her sides and goes at it roughly until he cums inside her. Please use the second picture for reference. Also, Ibuki's facial expression should match the second picture as well as the first. [img id="5a0882a83d55e9e4822613cef4754fe0"] [img id="661ea5e75d8cdbc0ab75cc3e5abe520e"]
Added: 2018-09-08 15:54:47
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