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Naruto fucks sakura hard,spooning her. He's squeezing her butt with his right hand and his left hand is around her throat and they are kissing passionately. Make it look as rough and intense as possible Appearances: Adult naruto and sakura as they look in the boruto series Both are completely naked [img id="286977061f24d4569d1aa4a8688b195c"]
Added: 2018-06-10 03:21:18
Ino is riding naruto cowgirl style while he's sucking on her tits. Ino's biting her lip trying not to scream or moan and she has eyes closed in pleasure. Here's the reference: Image Appearances: As they look in boruto and both are naked PS: Make it look like it's in naruto's office
Added: 2018-04-12 07:12:01
Naruto fucks ino in her bed, spooning her and rubbing her clit. He's kissing her to swallow her screams. Here's the ref: Image Appearances: Adult naruto and ino as they look in boruto
Added: 2018-04-07 16:12:42
Tsunade is bent over her table, roughly fucked in the ass by naruto. Her hair is being grabbed from behind and she's screaming in pleasure. Appearances: Both as they look in shippuden Tsunade is topless but her pants are pulled down to her kness and she has her heels on Naruto jacket is zipped open and he has no pants Here's the reference pic External
Added: 2018-03-20 18:25:09
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Naruto fucks mei terumi doggystyle in her office. She is pressed up against a wall while he chokes her with his right hand. His left is on her left breast, pinching the nipple. Appearances: Mei as she looks in the 5 kage summit and naruto as he looks in boruto Clothing: Naruto is shirtless and his pants are pulled down to his knees while mei's kimono is undone to expose her breasts but still has her bra on. She holds her dress up with her left hand while she has her right for support against the wall Make it look like naruto is whispering something in her ears and she's desperately trying not to scream, while he's choking her. here's the reference pic: Image
Added: 2018-02-27 14:33:23
Naruto fucks ino standing by the pool in this pose Image He sucks on Ino's right nipple while squeezing her breasts. Ino moans with her eyes closed. Appearances: Both as they look in Boruto series Background: Make it look like they'e doing this in a sauna
Added: 2018-02-16 16:06:45
Naruto fucks sakura missionary style on his in his apartment. Sakura sucks on his left hand thumb, while he cups her chin and his other hand roughly grabs her hair from behind to make her look at him. Make it look like she's sucking on his thumb to swallow her screams. Appearances: Both as they look in the boruto series (adult versions) Naruto is completely naked while sakura has her top undone, showing her boobs and is naked from the waist down. Reference pic: Image
Added: 2018-02-02 17:08:31
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Naruto x tsunade x kushina threesome POV Naruto fucks tsunade doggy style, fingering her asshole with three fingers of left hand and fingering kushina's pussy making her squirt. Both are screaming in pleasure with their eyes closed. Anal lubes and butt plugs are thrown around on the bed. Appearances: Naruto as he looks in Boruto (adult naruto), his right hand will be bandaged. Tsunade as she looks in shippuden with stockings and black heels. Kushina in fishnets and red heels. Ref PIC: External
Added: 2018-01-25 15:35:29
Panel 1: Naruto kisses tsunade while standing behind her. Her head is turned towards him sideways and naruto's right hand is on her cheek. His left hand is in her pants rubbing her clit. Her face is contorted in pleasure but he's swallowing her screams. Here's the reference: External I want both of them standing. Tsunade has her robe removed and her top partly undone to show her tits. Naruto is fully clothed Appearances: Naruto is he looks in boruto, tsunade as she looks in shippuden Panel 2: Naruto fucks tsunade hard doggy style while squeezing her boobs. He's nibbing on her ear and she's screaming in pleasure The reference: Image Both are naked in this panel Panel 3: The POV cumshot. Naruto cums in tsunade's mouth. She's rubbing herself while taking the cum shot in her mouth
Added: 2018-01-19 11:33:33
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Naruto fucks sakura spooning her and massaging her clit at the same time. He squeezes her breast with his right hand. Sakura's left hand is fisting naruto's hair as she's screaming in pleasure. Appearances: Both of them as they look in the boruto series. Here's the ref pic External
Added: 2018-01-04 12:12:07
Naruto fucks tsunade missionary style on the hokage desk after his promotion as hokage. Both of them are naked from the waist down but have their tops on. Tsunade has her robe removed and her top undone, showing her tits. Both are looking at each other with tusnade moaning. Appearances: Adult naruto as he looks in boruto and tsunade is herself lol Here's the reference: Image
Added: 2018-01-04 09:22:01
Ino is riding naruto while he is sucking on one of her boobs while fingering her ass. She is screaming in pleasure with her eyes closed while holding his head to her chest. Appearances: Both as they look in Boruto the next gen. Naruto is naked from the waist and has a tank top like brief on Ino has her top open to expose her breasts and her skirt is pulled up.She has no panties on but has her high heels.. Here's the ref: Image
Added: 2017-12-27 14:31:54