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Featuring OCs from Hentai Heroes: Skytte (Hentai Heroes), Notka (Hentai Heroes) The lucky guy gets a deepthroat and a rimjob made by two girls simultaneously. The image should be having "see-through": the throat of one girl and tongue in prostate. [img id="5737dc83c3f366571e3beef563dd0659"] [img id="87bc6eeb6389da0ca3723fb2dd190076"] [img id="13e1e5aed81022fd60c30c4bba113cbc"] [img id="d301826fc22b6f11465f5b3093a62538"] [img id="d936d4717413a1a0d5483f86913fa52d"] [img id="1ff6ea645b7594b15ea518e86563095e"] [img id="59f054c3bca627570317dd1f757acbc5"]
Squall Leonhart x Lightning [img id="590f224ab28ecbd51688ed512ce8db8e"] [img id="528c316b48aa968a354b1c99981e03ea"] [img id="497d6252691714cd1d96bbca463d4511"] [img id="cd62ef0078ef8d0579b394d58da46602"] [img id="c66d2d3432fab9d7e8a59d9f4d88c66d"]
Futa Soleil fucks and creampies Olivia’s , cum overflowing from her pussy Both are kissing with one breast pressing against each other No balls or puffy nipples, clit dick for Soleil (dick in exchange of a clit) Olivia with an embarrassed expression with Soleil smiling as they kiss Image is a reference to the position, background up to artist
Ok, so here's how I want this scene to play out. In the first panel I want an anon guy to fondle Ibuki's breasts in the shower while Ibuki slowly teases the guy by playing with his penis from behind. The first picture should give you a good reference. In the second panel Ibuki gets banged from behind while she moans in pleasure. The anon guy is grabbing her sides and goes at it roughly until he cums inside her. Please use the second picture for reference. Also, Ibuki's facial expression should match the second picture as well as the first. [img id="5a0882a83d55e9e4822613cef4754fe0"] [img id="661ea5e75d8cdbc0ab75cc3e5abe520e"]
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