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Part of Duty 2: "Special task from the government" With previously marvelous work of Akira Mado, government agree to continue support funding for CCG but with one condition, that she have to agree to continue her "special duty" under the government instructions. -------- The picture will be 4 panels. Akira Mado(External ) will dress like this(External ) in all 4 panels. Panel 1: Seduction (External ) Panel 2: Stand-carry double penetration (External ) Panel 3: Gangbang#1 (External ) Panel 4: Gangbang#2 (External ) Please use this hotel(External ) as a reference for BG scene Notes: - Only panel 1 that she still fully clothed, while other panels her boobs exposed. - in all panels will always include fat old anon(which I let this guy be a some higher ranked in the government :P) - *Please find more comments and adjustment in the reference images. [img id="4544acf3ebed650ad185435b8dd1903e"]
Rin smiling happily as a taichi cock Image is shooting thick white cum all over her face and hair, one of her eyes is closed and covers in cum [img id="fa5581a446e9077073425f2c202e8d3c"] [img id="b84ecd4304e3200b17d34950f4ab8407"] [img id="accb7496bf38c9617d8d5898f5558582"] [img id="c8a14138cd4520fdfbdab18960dd7722"] [img id="e894a760f3cf4efba02ff31ffa2f2e25"]
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