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Character: Bulma (Dragon Ball); Chi-chi (Dragon Ball); Lucy Heartfilia (Fairy Tail); Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail); Sakura Haruno (Naruto); Hinata Hyuga (Naruto); Nami (One Piece); Nico Robin (One Piece); Leafa (Sword Art Online); Asuna (Sword Art Online II) Location: Beach? Swimming pool ? The choice of the artist. Only requirement: All characters with large breasts. erect nipples and cameltoe. Only thong swimsuit. Type of swimsuits: one piece; two piece; micro bikini; sling bikini; topless (minimum one of each, thank you) thank you very much
Who needs Bankai 3: Zaraki Kenpachi at visit in Hokage office. 1. Panel - Kenpachi fucks Sakura Haruno really hard and deep in her pussy in piledriver style -> Sakura has a big stomache bulge and gets a creampie. 2. Panel -> Sakura in this position ( External ). She is pushing Zarakis sword handle inside her pussy, while he gives her a deep anal fisting. In both panels Sakura is squirting, curvy, has nice perky boobs and ahegao face. Kenpachi wears his shinigami outfit -> in second panel he don't has to be shown full.
Erza Scarlet in this position -> Image -> she wears this top -> External -> but her top is unbottoned. She has hard nipples -> one of her boobs is exposed and the other is still under her top but her nipple is poking through. She also wears red panties and only one black sock -> her other foot and leg is naked. Please with fitting size for wallpaper.
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