Nicole Watterson x Darwin Watterson (The Amazing World of Gumball) ---- Both of them are humanized ---- Make Nicole look exactly like this: External ---- Video of humanized Nicole: External ---- Humanized design for Darwin can be up to the artist (Just make sure he has orange skin).
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Nicole happy hour

Added: 2016-01-21 07:57:24
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Santa's little Helpers: Erza ( Fairy Tail ), Ino ( Naruto ) and Yoruichi ( Bleach ) are helping Santa and his crew to relax just before christmas eve. The three girls are in a very nice gangbang with Santa and his crew. Positions, expression and how they get fucked is up to you -> but all three girls should use their feet. One of the guys who fucks Erza should be Santa himself -> all the other guys can be faceless / not fully shown -> some are cumming and some not. The girls should wear sexy santa outfits -> all three have to wear red and white striped high knee socks. A tally chart for cumshots -> pussy / ass / mouth on each girl. The backround should be a christmas theme. Other details are up to you and youre ideas. Surprise me.
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