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Character: Moze from Borderlands 3. She wears her full armor & Helmet. She is giving a footjob exactly like in the attached picture to Anon. Exact same position as in the attached porn picture aswell. Toe nail poslih is black. Her tit's are hanging out. The Dick is cumming. Face expression like the attached "Black & White" picture of the women. Draw feet well & sweat on them. *dont forgett star tattoo on her right hip. [img id="34ed0d1af7ada81382260751a98dfb99"] [img id="6aaece747dff0bca78d167c83544ad79"] [img id="bcc1c57bde534d1d2bf96f67eebeb995"] [img id="0566d479461bc07da1e0a243a0cc6601"] [img id="589b6404a39e2b60e43d6d71284c1c7d"] [img id="ab1a4a833befe5fa022a6659096878b4"]
Hello ! This is the 3rd les of the Whentai Summer Class by Kantarella. This time, the theme is schoolgirls doing footjobs. You can add a girl, foot fetish pose and schoolgirl costume for 100 votes. Any less votes will be considered as graceful tip and the girl will not be included. @Kantarella, you decide the layout (1 girl per panel / several girls in each panel / all girls in a single panel) but please add a classroom background in each panel. Thanks ! 1) Teacher Yoruichi dressed like this : Image with the glasses and ballet legging like this : Image ; she is on the desk doing a footjob with wrinkled soles like this : Image please make her soles color a little lighter like this : Image 2) Morgiana from Magi dressed like this : Image but barefeet ; she is under her desk, milking a cock like this : Image 3) Tatsumaki from One Punch Man dressed like this : External ; She is giving a footjob like this : Image Hope you will contribute to enjoy this awesome artist !
Hakufu (ikkitousen) is reverse cowgirl anal fucked by a faceless random, her legs are held under her knees. Clothing is torn appropriately (school uniform), she's moaning. External
Tenchi and Ryoko from Tenchi Muyo having sex in the woods close to the house. Tenchi should be doing Ryoko from behind with a somewhat strained face, and Ryoko should be fully enjoying it. Ryoko should be in the costume pictured in the attachments with clothing barely pulled aside to show ass, pussy, and breasts. Tenchi should be in the clothing from the attachments as well (with pants pulled down obviously)but with or without the blue jacket is fine. I attached a photo of the kind of nature around the house but the house does not need to be pictured, just them in the woods. [img id="1b8ced6cb240a506abf97f043920d26f"] [img id="2cb119ddc260fb26c704eeeda8ecb8bf"] [img id="1a1f87809bcc9dac680a719a9c27ba9c"] [img id="e957ece637317459661ad4fa91480448"] [img id="21e1420856de782e4fcd9b37d326fc3a"]
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