I’d like to mention that I’m posting this to look at potential ideas and prices, for what I want. I will pay whatever the price is and my stacked EVs are merely the 150 I have at the moment, I plan to buy however much more is needed for this. I’m hoping to get some prices and ideas as to how this could turn out, before dropping money into EVs. As for the idea itself, I’m looking for a high quality image of the girls from Madoka Magica in an orgy. This would require all five girls (Mami Tomoe, Sayaka Miki, Homura Akemo, Madoka Kaname, and Kyouko Sakura), seen below, preferably in their costumes. The costumes aren’t necessary if would put the piece at a more unreasonable price. In that case then some sort of lingerie would be fine, I’d leave such a suggestion up to the artist. Seeing as though this is the largest idea I’ve gone for, I’d at least like some sort of idea as to what I can expect from prospective artists. A rough sketch would be nice, but unnecessary if I can just get a solid description of what you feel you can do. Aside from this, I’m happy to leave most of it to the artist’s discretion and willing to pay whatever price is fair. It would be nice to see some play between the pairings, with Kyouko and Sayaka and Homura and Madoka, but that isn’t necessary. Thank you in advance. [img id="6d3b647c50446a143bfb2b8e23e77800"] [img id="2e810595bdd3afb970d246379deaf03b"] [img id="68fdb6b53feb132bad8845b246aaba19"] [img id="4509c76ea660d121c11c303a31908c23"] [img id="110d2305e6002f519be8920d4997fd1d"]
Added: 2018-06-25 09:44:05
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