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Tenchi having sex with Ayeka in the shed on the table that she is sitting on in the picture. They should be having sex missionary in a position resembling the picture that I have provided. Ayeka should be in the clothing pictured, and the clothing that she has removed should be seen laying beside her as in the picture. Ayeka's upper clothing should be undone just enough to have her left breast out, but the right should still be covered. Her lower clothing should be pulled aside to allow insertion but not removed. Tenchi should be shirtless wearing the blue jeans as pictured, but pulled down enough for sex. Ayeka should be looking away blushing, embarrassed, and covering her mouth with the back of her hand. Tenchi should be looking at Ayeka blushing with arousal in the eyes, mouth slightly open breathing. [img id="379535a0a720e19d1b2ef9a58c696443"] [img id="578b9a72951132979a2cb3b3d1fdb6b4"] [img id="569e3d5a8d2047af64796267ac835607"] [img id="56f7143e7f0c8a8dcd9c8d8410ed7e68"] [img id="2d41b00c885f85c1259e470e5fcb4a83"] [img id="788a7edbca183645f1bef785b73c34be"] [img id="3a9d204a8b70e4c22ce6561d4f40df50"] [img id="dcd3a2b7922c4f42a3ce0b4cd4f3ae47"]
One more Tenchi x Ryoko. They should be having sex nude in the position in my crappy drawing (Ryoko on all fours and Tenchi on knee with one leg up)hiding behind the foliage in the floating onsen. Tenchi should be looking strained with cliched teeth. Ryoko should be covering her mouth with one hand, struggling not to make a sound, and have eyes half closed in euphoria. The backs of Ayeka and Sasami should be able to be seen in the distance(I have labeled the characters in the attached pictures). It is OK for them to be out of focus because they are in the distance. Ayeka and Sasami should just be sitting in the onsen relaxing, both of them wrapped in the pink towel as shown in the pictures. I could not find a back shot of Sasami but she just has the two buns with the ribbon ties as pictured in the Ryoko x Sasami pic. [img id="ad6c7b392f84c252865b05a46404ee25"] [img id="393a21185aa2049e0031983eeea3bc12"] [img id="116647e2cfaf1eccde015c5b2ef5b35c"] [img id="f717323989284e0bf9246ef79a1b07ec"] [img id="fead311c76beb8a2de38c4c426b6c91b"] [img id="276c3c0eb27afa2f79d7f8c6e07158cc"] [img id="012bf809dbd8998bbf03147581ebf602"] [img id="e5c0a03b8b74c0068fe5344c49c61810"] [img id="9430f681a662eb2ff6c7582915647e15"] [img id="08c2a2c77ca730e83ea088c178e237f9"]
Tenchi and Ryoko from Tenchi Muyo having sex in the woods close to the house. Tenchi should be doing Ryoko from behind with a somewhat strained face, and Ryoko should be fully enjoying it. Ryoko should be in the costume pictured in the attachments with clothing barely pulled aside to show ass, pussy, and breasts. Tenchi should be in the clothing from the attachments as well (with pants pulled down obviously)but with or without the blue jacket is fine. I attached a photo of the kind of nature around the house but the house does not need to be pictured, just them in the woods. [img id="1b8ced6cb240a506abf97f043920d26f"] [img id="2cb119ddc260fb26c704eeeda8ecb8bf"] [img id="1a1f87809bcc9dac680a719a9c27ba9c"] [img id="e957ece637317459661ad4fa91480448"] [img id="21e1420856de782e4fcd9b37d326fc3a"]
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