The blond elf of Houtengeki in a gangbang, in a position similar to the example, with the Sorceress from Dragon's Crown proportions. Keep her original clothes on but with visible nipples, add a lot of men, some cum on her body and lips. She must be enjoying it. Keep a medieval theme. The men can be bandits, barbarian or something like that, not cool guys, some must be waiting for their turn. Bruises on boobs and cheeks are fine. [img id="4f09274960b669b194ec3131eefe0a02"] [img id="0f02e24a28c0c00d478ee89eb9f76c13"] [img id="3be30a2136d81922d7d4512fe2cc146e"] [img id="20e5e2937e15b361aa927b516f5743a8"] [img id="f78cabaa9db4d693dfbcdbfede42debd"] [img id="31d110c0ea91071b2ea31e8db9e20f70"] [img id="46164d7fac41f60472635a3ffdb27203"]
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Striptease / nude selfie collaboration. Same as TOFUK requests (pls dont sue). Request your fav girl taking a hot selfie just for you ;). Remember under 50 EVs is a tip. Aritist to chose possitons and if any of the pics will have multipule girls in them. Example pic External I will start of by requesting hinata. Shippuden vertion with her jacket.
Dengekiko from Hyperdimension Neptunia ( reference: Image ). I'd like to see her in a selfie pose similar to this: Image . But, I'd like to see her chest sized embellished to be a bit larger. Preferably something like a nice heavy pair of D-cups stretching the tight black material of her top and really showing them off. A fun or flirty expression of some sort would be preferred as well.
Pera bathroom selfie. Girls from pera 4 and 5. The girls are comparing breast size and standing in order of size Chie, Futaba, Ann and Naoto. One of them is taking the photo with their phone. Only need to show them from the waist up.
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