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Character : Elie from "Rave Master" (ref : Image ) Outfit : The outfit from Fairy Tail x Rave ( ref : External ) but with the top pulled down to show her large naked breasts. Scene : Elie is kneeling between several men/floating penis getting a big bukkake, lots of cum all over her. She looks like she's having a good time (Think happy smile, not ahegao) Specific poses and angle up to artist choice, though I can throw pose ref if inspiration is needed. Elie can be an active participant (sucking and jerking some of the men, collecting sperm in her hands, holding her mouth open, for exemple) or more passive (hands on her knees, playing with her body, throwing peace signs, for exemple), artist choice (or other users choice) Background/Setting : Artist choice, can be none.
Haru Glory x Elie, Julia, Belnika, Celia, Cattleya, Reina and Nagisa
Julia x Jiero(Rave Master) scissors position like this Image
Juvia getting fuck by Gray and Hamrio Musica
Titania vs The Element Master: Sieghart(Rave Master) fucks Erza in various positions. Erza wearing her Flame,Lightning and Sea Empress armors
[Gintama] Hijikata Toshiro x Momochi Rappa
Hikage (Senran Kagura) & Ryofu Housen (Ikkitousen). Both are outdoors and fully naked. Housen is standing and bending over with one arm against a tree while rubbing her vagina/clitoris with the other. Give Housen a perverted smile (half-open eyes). Hikage is spreading open one/both of Housen's ass cheeks and licking her anus. Hikage's expression is up to you. Please make sure we get a view of both girls' entire bodies. No oversized boobs (both already have big boobs, just don't make them significantly bigger, lol), no oversized hips/butts and the likes. Do your best sticking to their original proportions and measurements. Lastly, I'm not super picky about it, but the bigger size of the picture, the better.
Fandom: Fairy Tail Character: Mavis Vermilion Title: Lumen Histoire's power Scenery: In front of Fairy Hills Scene: Mavis is chained to a pillory, her legs spread wide open and fixed in place by more chains. Cum is rushing down her thighs while she is overflowing with it, cum drips forming a small puddle under her. She should be rotated in a way that you can see her chest aswell as getting a good glimpse of her pussy. She should be covered in cum aswell. There should be a cross section featuring her womb containing all the cum aswell as a cross section showing her ovum being fertilized. [img id="46b9e6030a52b4f164ea5b0682475d05"] [img id="6caf41bf112901525d68dbac884e2104"] [img id="84094d21270fad5b9509d31bb51f0774"] [img id="0c5617dc9bef980fb6066e4a7e976639"] [img id="7110d9c11a1597825e08554338595f1e"] [img id="3e8645f754d45e69ac6ccf0c6a096fb8"]