This is for a good friend of mine, she wanted me to request this 2 Panels this blonde girl OC of hers confession (not a futa in this case) will be giving this ring Image to a character called Feower in Granblue fantasy External , the first panel is basically the girl OC proposing to him with the ring. The 2nd panel is the lewd stuff, she wants him wearing the ring on his finger as he pounds the girl OC mating press style, with an angle you can see both peoples bodies and expressions
Added: 2019-02-17 10:45:38
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Raphael (fully dressed ) carrying Lysithea under his arm, he is walking and laughing as he spank the girl on her butt Lysithea skirt is flipped up and her white panties with bear face on it is lower to her mid thigh showing her red bare butt, her face is red she is embarrassed and hitting Raphael back with her hand and struggle to get free Raphael is very big and very muscular, compare to him Lysithea is short and tiny [img id="38a339d6509b1022ff8db48ccd70a543"] [img id="3a7e6e4384d965019186ef11b5df3066"] [img id="891fc491c6cbe112a1fc084e4fb696d5"] [img id="5a26fb8d34213d5cde3e36870145bf69"] [img id="58fed027903cfd38a8ac161b732667d7"] [img id="162a4a4819e38f8216137e0ba6188b99"] [img id="197f84f37bec0687faf4bdbd27bbf3e2"] [img id="fc277b8b226ac40ed14cdc26230e4890"] [img id="dbb26a95476019f5e24f62f0441713e4"] [img id="b3c16e899f607c25cb963f0dfa738196"] [img id="6843ca87218e2c102397ff2824d95abd"]
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