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A pov of Emi Yusa getting creampied scowling and flipping the bird
Characters: Tea Gardner (Yu-Gi-Oh!) x Alexis Rhodes (Yu-Gi-Oh! GX) Tea is fully naked, save for wearing the red choker and Blue & Yellow bracelets that she wore in episodes 53 & 54. Alexis is fully naked, while only wearing her blue opera gloves. Tea and Alexis are scissoring and are sporting flushed faces, while moaning and panting in lust & pleasure with their eyes half-lidded.
Title: An Unexpected Birthday Gift Loctaion: Mikan’s Bedroom Hanabi Hyuuga and Mikan Yuuki are scissoring on Mikan’s bed in a seated position, while making out. Both girls are fully naked and are sporting flushed pleasure-filled faces as they are kissing, also Mikan’s hair is down.
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Title : Innocent Fun - Anime: sword art online - Characters: Auna and Alice - Clothing: Auna ( as in reference pic, dress lift up, cute pink panty Image pulled to the side showing her pussy, one of her breast is exposed), Alice ( as in reference pic, dress lift up, cute white panty pulled to the side showing her pussy, one of her breast is exposed) - position : sitting next to each other, tongue kissing and fingering one another, with fluids coming out of them, not exactly as reference pic but similar to it, you can adjust it as you see fit - expression : both (embarrassed a little bit and enjoying it ) - background : sitting on the same thing as in reference pic with same background. - Thank you [img id="db204ecc2145f7894e90ecd306c0339d"] [img id="340227e3c055169dbd1eb460be6e0f3e"] [img id="ed5c77359445237d7c2f236eb267e888"]
Title: "Sekirei: Triple Love 1." Characters: Uzume, Chiho Hidaka, and Minato Sahashi. Location: Minato's bedroom inside of Maison Izumo. Just like before, after receiving Miya and Takehito's blessing, the Sekireis and Ashikabis who lives in Maison Izumo are permitted to have sex in there. This time, it will be a threesome between Uzume, Chiho, and Minato Sahashi. This action takes place way after the final chapter also. In this time, Uzume and Chiho enters Minato's room. Then the two girls will be having sex with each other while Minato's resting. The position Uzume and Chiho will do is up to the artist. All three of them are completely naked without any clothes on. No undies, no socks, no stockings, none of it. Further more, both girls are blushing, enjoying, and loving it while Minato's resting peacefully.