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Koneko Toujou and Rias Gremory are rubbing their pussies on bed, like this External (Koneko on the left, Rias on the right) Rias is wearing this lingerie Image (boobs exposed, underpants are still strung only in one leg), Koneko is wearing part of her school uniform (boobs and pussy are exposed), you can move a bit Koneko's left arm, so her boobs are visible. Facial expressions: Koneko is embarassed and excited, Rias is satisfied, a lot of fluid is coming out from the pussies, background: Rias's bedroom,during the night (only moonlight). Title"Sexmate, part 3"
Magi - Let's Hang Out Sometime: After being introduced to Morgiana by Alibaba, a drunken Myron Alexius takes Mor somewhere more private to show her what Fanalis are really made of; Alexius eating out Mor similar to this - Image
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