The Failed Rebellion
2018-08-12 21:06:16
Title: The Failed Rebellion Anime/Manga: Claymore Characters: Helen, Deneve, Miria, Clare. (References can be provided on demand) Art-style: Base it on the reference provided below but strive mostly towards the style of the Claymore anime. (I don't demand perfection) You don't have to try and match the reference artist's style. Colors: I would like it colored but I'm open to black and white with proper shading. Asking to get to do it in black and white will not harm your chances to be selected for the job. This pic but with the above characters: External Positions: Helen in place of the woman on the far left, then Deneve, then Miria and finally Clare closest to the audience. Clothes: Their standard claymore uniforms/armors, but torn open to expose their breasts and pussies in degrading ways. They're being shamed and stripped of all dignity. (I can be argued out of the armor parts if they're too challenging.) They've all had the word "Traitor" written on their foreheads but this does not need to be readable, merely present. It's fine if the angle or whatever makes it unreadable or non-existent. Other details: Someone's grabbing Helen roughly by the hair from off-screen. Only the arm needs to be visible, no character. Don't hold back on the cum please. All the girls have tears in their eyes. Obviously, the orc should be replaced by a human man instead. The price may be flexible based on various variables. I am available for further details or questions via PMs and I promise I won't bite you.
Deneve Loly Cosplay
2018-08-09 23:28:05
Title: VA Cosplay - Deneve/Loly Background: No background. Colors: Yes. Pricing: Name yo price, yo. Waiting time is not an issue. Details: Deneve from Claymore ( External , External , better color: Image ) wearing Loly Aivirrne from Bleach's outfit. ( Image ) Excluding the hair and eye-piece. The flaps of fabric that "should" cover the breasts have just swung completely open because there's nothing to actually hold them in place. She's holding up the front of the skirt with one hand, like she's thinking "what's this?" and unintentionally exposing her pussy to the viewer. (She's not wearing panties.) Her expression is deadpan.
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