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Lyse and Hien from Final Fantasy XIV are getting it on with eachother in cowgirl position. Lyse is receiving a nice creampie, with semen dripping out of her, while they are kissing eachother. They are both partly clothed, to what extend is up to the artist. References: Lyse: Image Hien: Image Position: Image
Featuring OCs from Hentai Heroes: Derri (Hentai Heroes), Hanna (Hentai Heroes) Derri (blue hair) is on the top and pushes semen out of her vagina right into the mouth of Hanna (short-haired blonde) as in reference. [img id="01ead4d82a90a4db79edea0cea2d2821"] [img id="0cd94ce25f1bf32cefe6b30cebe4c075"] [img id="f6e1e26bfff529893f13565729d5c946"] [img id="01f5e5455f69cddc49f5aaad880e30f3"] [img id="8c8802aaca99e210a051981750afc2ea"]
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