Youre too exciting to resist
2018-09-12 09:19:39
Charlotte Smoothie is forcing Reiju Vinsmoke to do a tribadism with her on bed, Smoothie is naked (no hat, boobs and pussy visble), Reiji is dressing this lingerie Image (no underpants, boobs and pussy esposed), facail expression: Smoothie is satisfied, Reiji is shocked and impotent, about the position I've imagined Smoothie lay on bed who is blocking Reiji (who is over her) on the pelvis (or other parts of her body) while she's scissoring her pussy, a lot of fluid is coming out from the pussies. You must consider also the differnece of height of the girls, I send you an image: External Smoothie is about 5 meters of hieght, while Reiju has a height similar to Luffy (1,74 m) Title: You're too exciting to resist
Charlotte Smoothie x Vinsmokes
2018-10-15 16:12:34
Serie: One Piece Title: Welcome in Totto Land-HS Characters: Charlotte Smoothie, Ichiji, Niji, Yonji Details: I shall like a pose similar to that of the image 5. Smoothie is naked but she wears her hat. Useless to draw completely the Vinsmoke's brothers but it's necessary to put details which allow to recognize them. Thanks [img id="0109a19ca5716db30be548c8f603f9a5"] [img id="1c942b71ac3f52cdaef9bd6a6d80e3cf"] [img id="62deec54854eb633926cc7d853a31e3a"] [img id="4fc8176b1b8c6d7dec3ab55c0d953eeb"] [img id="f2ab2611d9a4e897538657a9fecab76c"]
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