One Piece  Charlotte Pudding and Nami
2017-04-15 10:06:41
So as a "for the plot" one piece fan ;D i noticed there is barely any hentai from a relatively new character in the series called Charlotte Pudding. Now i personally really like this new character so i made a scenario in my head based on this character and i would love to see this come to life. So my idea is as follows, Pudding should be standing in a small lake outside, the water should be untill just under her panties. Her bra came off and is drifting away and with one hand she is trying to grab it with an ashamed face and with the other she is trying to hold her boobs from being seen, however these should be large so that it is not really helping. One of her nipples should be covered by her arm while the other should be peaking trough the spaces between her fingers of the same hand. In the background i would like Nami to be standing laughing like a little kid with joy (because she was the one that undone the bra), she should not be wearing anything and she should not be trying to hide anything aswell and she should also be having large boobs. Besides that i am just picturing trees around them, they are clearly alone, but it should be a light forest with light colors used. Also the little lake they are standing in should no be clear, you should not see anything through the water.
Bitch Pudding Delicious Penetration Anal with Juicy Outcome
2018-03-13 00:53:34
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