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Please draw in color neked Sol Marron(black cover) External sperm ass this pose Image And Charlotte Roselei(black cover) External dick rub pussy, this pose Image
I would like to see Charlotte Scherzen and Torino Kazami that are rubbing their pussies on bed, Charlotte is active, Torino is passive. Both pussies and boobs must be visible, Torino's pussy is shaved, Charlotta has her fur a bit long, like this External , a lot of fluid is coming out from the pussies (make attention with the particulares please). Torino is naked, Charlotte is dressing this lingerie (External same hairstyle, no underpants, no shoes, with black stockings but a bit transparent, so it's possible to see her feet under the stockings) about boobs size and body proportions you can weatch these images: Kazami Torino External External Charlotte Scherzen External External facial expressions: Charlotte is excited and satisfied, Kazami is excited and emabarased. Title:"cum for me"
Title: "Learn Your Place, IS!" Plot: Moka Akashiya (the Inner Moka) from Rosario+Vampire series give the IS girls such as Houki Shinonono, Cecilia Alcott, Lingyin "Rin" Huang, Charlotte Dunois, Laura Bodewig, Tatenashi Sarashiki, and Kanzashi Sarashiki from IS: Infinite Stratos series a well-placed kick as she sent them flying into the distance (somewhat similar to TRiO such as Jessie, James, and Meowth of Team Rocket from Pokémon whenever they're blasting off again ). Then they crash landed on the floor. And when the smoke clears, Houki and all the other IS girls looking knocked-out with swirly eyes on their faces (Please be sure that part is in the picture, it's very important). In other words, Inner Moka put the girls in Ichika's harem in their place, which means that Inner Moka kick their asses. Note: This will be a non-hentai request. Which means, no hentai materials, and no nudity. This is more like an action type of request.
Title: "Open your heart". 4-panelled picture with girls from Pandora Hearts pleasuring themselves in the poses, like on the reference pics: External 1)Alice Baskerville. 2)Sharon Reinsworth. 3)Charlotte Baskerville. 4)Echo and Zwei. All characters are shown fullbody, completely naked and barefoot. 1)Alice rapidly fingers her squirting pussy, while blushing and happily drooling. 2)Sharon pleasures herself, using her fan as dildo with seductive smile and small clouds of ragged breath. 3)Charlotte fingers herself from behind. Artist chooses her face expression. 4)Echo rubs herself, leaning to the mirror, which reflects Zwei doing the same. Echo is happy, but also slightly embarrassed, while Zwei fully enjoys the process with mad grin.
Serie: Black Clover Characters: Charlotte Roselei (1-2), Yami Sukehiro (3) Details: Charlotte is at a hot water source (Black Clover episode 72) with Yami. I would like a position similar to that of image 4. Two are naked. The lower part of both bodies is in water but we see Charlotte's vagina and Yami's dick. Thanks [img id="a34644f823e417000ac03671610986a5"] [img id="92ddf53366bc3006315a3a68a3380422"] [img id="e96eec00c522823129d818571423b6bf"] [img id="83c97e19a22e5c2513b573f1bc5a0ea4"]
Serie: Black Clover Characters: Charlotte Roselei (1-2-3), Sol Marron (4-5) Title: Blue Rose Company On the image, we have: - To the left, I would like it to be Charlotte X Yami (6), if possible, with the position of image 7. Two are naked and Charlotte wears her blue cape (3). Charlotte’s face shows she takes a lot of pleasure in it. - To the right, It's Sol X Finral (8) with the position of image 9. Two are naked and Sol wears her small blue cape (4). Sol's facial expression is similar to that of image 5. Thanks. [img id="2798059bdc528e82e15fedc2a1042266"] [img id="dd7785f027442a66059c0dcb71e01769"] [img id="61446f313436ed8261df8d92c159bed3"] [img id="4e7aa4e9f8632af37b6f4dea8ac32438"] [img id="55b8685f66f4da158af6a979dcff1a3f"] [img id="e96eec00c522823129d818571423b6bf"] [img id="1ce34ad7cc27d53e9863086cac1a720d"] [img id="431af816d0ab16f5b1f9600413b5fb37"] [img id="c20eb40115a66f6992e3fe6425bfd42d"]
Serie: Black Clover Characters: Charlotte Roselei (1-2-3) / Yami Sukehiro (4) Détails: Two panels like the previous commissions. For the first panel, draw inspiration from the fifth image. Yami and Charlotte are naked. For the dialogue, Yami said: "Don't fight it ! Thorny Tsun Princess !" For the second panel, I was thinking of that position (image 6). Charlotte thinks: "Why did I ever fall for such a man as him!" If you can make some brambles with blue roses around them, that would be cool! (image 3). I can do 108 EV. Thanks! [img id="38112c48ef74972464e3d533f49f2fff"] [img id="92ddf53366bc3006315a3a68a3380422"] [img id="61446f313436ed8261df8d92c159bed3"] [img id="e96eec00c522823129d818571423b6bf"] [img id="fdadb7c135086da4f8471119d65d7073"] [img id="1e72d929c145322ac8f73fdcc4fd7f6e"]
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